Warframe Duviri Paradox Update Pushed Back to 2021

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Announced at last year’s Tennocon, Warframe’s Duviri Paradox update has received a new target release window.

The news comes from the recent dev stream in which the team discussed current plans for this year. Amongst the announcement of Nightwave: Season 3 and The Deadlock Protocol being slated for this and next month, Digital Extremes gave a brief update on the Duviri Paradox, Warframe’s next big open-world venture.

The Duviri paradox, which we showed at last year’s Tennocon, is it’s not on the agenda for 2020. That is going to be something that we’re gonna talk and show more about in 2021.
While this news is certainly a downer, it is completely understandable as the industry as a whole has experienced delays. The reasoning is due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing many to work from home.  In DE case, this means less access to office resources, affecting the overall development process. Even still, they have managed to push out some major updates, with the recent being for Railjack. They still, however, have a lot on their plate for this year to work through so in the very least fans still have content to look forward to.
And speaking of looking forward, Digital Extremes will still be hosting Tennocon 2020. It will instead be in the digital format, though plan on revealing in the coming months on how they will bring the community together without actually physically being together. We’ll be sure to post updates as their Tennocon 2020 schedule once it becomes available.