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Arcade1Up Announces X-Men Arcade Cabinet with Captain America and the Avengers, and The Avengers in Galactic Storm News 0

News 0 Get ready for a bout of arcade beat-’em-up nostalgia of the superhero variety, as Arcade1up has officially announced a 4 player arcade cabinet featuring Konami’s classic X-Men arcade game — and it also contains two other Marvel games in “Captain America and the Avengers” and “The Avengers in Galactic Storm.” Here’s the official description of […]

Cancelled THQ Avengers FPS Gameplay Surfaces News 2

News 2 Most people might not remember this, but back in 2012 when the Avengers movie came out, it was supposed to have a tie-in game made by THQ Studio Australia. It was supposed to be a game based on the movie but would play out as a first-person shooter game of sorts. Curious? Well, now we […]

The Avengers Project Details Shared by Marvel, Confirms Its a New and Original Story News 2

News 2 While we know that Square Enix is working on a untitled Avenger’s game for Marvel simply titled, the “Avengers Project,” there’s not much to go on. Sure, we know it’s being made by Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider), and that it’s being worked on by an impressive list of video game vets, but for the most […]

Avengers Project Game Gains Veteran Devs From Naughty Dog, EA, Monolith and More News 0

News 0 There’s not a lot known about Square Enix’s still-untitled Avengers project game which is being developed by Tomb Raider studio, Crystal Dynamics, but it seems the studio is hiring a lot of veteran game developers to make sure it’ll be a hit. Some of the developers joining Crystal Dynamics for the Avengers game come from […]

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Creative Director Departs Naughty Dog for Avengers Game News 0

News 0 Shaun Escayg, creative director on Naughty Dog‘s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, has left the famed developer after seven years. Shaun joined the developer in the early development years of the critically acclaimed The Last of Us. Seven years ago I joined the talented team at @Naughty_Dog on a project still in its infancy, The Last […]