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Battlefield 4 Teaser – “Prepare 4 Battle” at Sea [Updated] News 47

News 47 DICE and EA tease Battlefield 4’s upcoming reveal on March 27th with a quick video asking you to “prepare 4 battle” at sea. The short, under water sequence focuses on the propeller of what is presumably some sort of naval ship, possibly confirming that they will play a role in Battlefield 4’s multiplayer. Check it […]

DICE and EA Launch Battlefield 4 Official Website, Battlefield 3, Premium, and Other Shooters On Sale News 46

News 46 Developers Digital Illusions CE and Publishers Electronic Arts have launched the official website for the upcoming sequel of the highly acclaimed Battlefield series, Battlefield 4. Visiting the website will bring you to an image covered by rain and condensation. As a small interactive element, you can use your curser  to try to wipe the condensation […]

Battlefield 4 Rumors Suggest The Return of Commander Mode, Recording Functionality, Dynamic Weather and More [Updated] News 85

News 85 Update It has been quickly brought to our attention that the following info has been deemed fake by NeoGAF mods, which falls in line with our suspicion of Battlefield 4’s alleged release date and resolution on next-generation consoles. New Battlefield 4 rumors originating from a Chinese forum post suggest a number of exciting features including Battlefield […]

Battlefield 4 Reveal Incoming March 26 News 138

News 138 Battlefield developers Digital Illusions CE and publisher Electronic Arts are all set to officially reveal the highly anticipated Battlefield 4 in San Francisco, California on March 26. “Please join us to celebrate a new era of Battlefield,” reads an invitation sent to MP1st. Previously, the game was demonstrated to the retail company GameStop, hinting at […]

Report – BF3 Premium Members Will Not Have Access to Battlefield 4 Beta News 120

News 120 Since the official reveal of Battlefield 4 beta access through Medal of Honor: Warfighter first print, EA has confirmed that there will be other ways to access the beta, but it seems being a Premium member isn’t one of them. When asked whether Battlefield 3’s premium members will be granted access to the Battlefield 4 […]

Battlefield 4 Confirmed, Beta Access Through Medal of Honor: Warfighter Pre-Order Incentive News 145

News 145 Pre-Order Medal of Honor: Warfighter to gain access to Battlefield 4 Beta, reads a banner on EA’s Origin client. Under the Shooter category in the client, the banner appeared earlier today. You may recall that the first print of the last Medal of Honor game, the “limited edition” as it was dubbed, included tokens for access […]

Awesome Real Life Battlefield 4: Co-Op Video News 6

News 6 Famous YouTuber, Freddie Wong, shows us what co-op might look like in Battlefield 4 powered by FrostBite Real Life engine, yet to be developed by DICE.

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