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Broomstick League Beta Launches Today, Early Access Coming to Steam in March News 0

News 0 Broomstick League Beta has officially started it’s closed trial today, giving fans a taste of some competitive Quidditch style matches. Down below you can find the official closed Beta Schedule along with a new trailer announcing the official early access release date on Steam. We should note, Broomstick League is in no way affiliated with […]

MP1st Interview: Blue Isle Studios Preps RTS Subsistence News 3

News 3 This is our second featured interview in a series focusing on independent developers producing multiplayer games for a variety of downloadable platforms and systems. Blue Isle Studios is a Canadian development team currently producing a full-conversion Starcraft II game entitled Subsistence. Subsistence is an original IP of Blue Isle’s, and features entirely original and unique […]

AAA Games: What They Have in Budget, They Lack in Creativity News 15

News 15 As video game budgets steadily contend with (and many times surpass) the astronomical budgets of Hollywood films, the line-up of stellar, highly-polished titles vying for gamer’s cash expands yearly. With this massive funding, and studios often consisting of hundreds of dedicated artists, programmers, and designers, it’s no shock that a number of slick and well-advertised […]