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Casey Hudson, Mark Darrah Depart BioWare, Studio on the Hunt for New GM News 0

News 0 While BioWare is busy rebooting Anthem, and remastering (remaking?) the Mass Effect trilogy in preparation for the game’s future installment, it looks like the studio will need to do that without two key employees. Former BioWare GM (General Manager) Casey Hudson, and Executive Producer Mark Darrah have both announced their departure from the studio in […]

Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer Was BioWare’s Biggest Challenge, Wanted It In Since Mass Effect 1 News 14

News 14 “We’ve been trying to figure out how to put multiplayer in Mass Effect since Mass Effect 1″ Said Executive Producer, Casey Hudson in an interview with Gamasutra. Though this has been a wish among the BioWare team since the inception of the franchise, unfortunately, it just didn’t click with the story and setting of earlier games: “…we couldn’t figure […]

BioWare Executive Producer Talks Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and Post-Lauch Support News 4

News 4 BioWare Executive Producer, Casey Hudson has high hopes for Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer co-op mode, Galaxy at War, and hints at future DLC to support it post-launch. In an interview with CVG, Hudson revealed some of the plans that BioWare has for Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer after launch. “We are going to be supporting Mass […]

Why Multiplayer In Mass Effect 3? BioWare Answers News 3

News 3 Casey Hudson, BioWare Executive Producer, answers the burning question among Mass Effect fans: “Why Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3?” In an interview with Game Informer, Casey Hudson spoke of why he feels the release of Mass Effect 3 is a good time to introduce multiplayer to the franchise. As many already know, the first two Mass […]