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PlayStation 4 – Publishers Can Decide If Free-To-Play Titles Require PS Plus News 33

News 33 Unlike it’s predecessors, the PlayStation 4 will require an PS Plus account in order to play online multiplayer, Sony revealed during their 2013 E3 press conference. However, it seems that not all games will require an PS plus account, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Boss, Shushei Yoshida. As Yoshida confirmed to Polygon, free-to-play titles such as […]

Planetside 2 And DC Universe Online Heading To The PlayStation 4 This Year News 42

News 42 Sony sure is on a roll with announcements as of late. With already four free-to-play titles heading to the PS4 at launch- including the recently announced Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution earlier, today, Sony has also announced that both Planetside 2 and DC Universe would be playable for free on the PlayStation 4 some time later this year. DC […]

Multiplayer Games Are Barbies For Men News 1

News 1 Video games are increasingly becoming Barbies for men. And I’m fine with that. You should be, too. For a hobby that consists primarily of shooting aliens, shooting terrorists, and shooting orcs (with magic bullets), it sure asks for a startling amount of dress-up. There seems to be a silent understanding between video game consumers and […]