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E3 2012 – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Creative Director on 10v10, 6v6 and Hardcore Game Modes, More on Score Chains News 17

News 17 Creative Director on Medal of Honor: Warfighter Kristoffer Bergqvist breaks down what we can expect from Warfighter’s multiplayer this October 23rd as Danger Close shows off some gameplay on floor of this year’s E3. Shown off on the E3 floor this year was Warfighter’s Sector Control multiplayer game mode on the map Somalia, explains Bergqvist […]

E3 2012 – Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, New AC-130 Details, Bandar Desert Is The Biggest Map, and More News 91

News 91 Niklas Fegraeus, Game Designer at DICE, answers questions about the highly anticipated upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC, Armored Kill. For those who don’t know, Armored Kill will have players battling it out over land and air in epic, vehicle-based combat on some of the largest maps Battlefield has ever seen. We caught our first glimpse of […]

E3 2012 – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Information Blow-Out News 26

News 26 Danger Close’s Kevin O’Lary reveals almost everything you need to know about the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer. In a recent Origin question and answer session, O’Lary answers some of the most important multiplayer questions regarding classes, weapons, game modes and the return of Score Chain rewards. Remember to check out both the single […]

E3 2012 – War Games Trailer Shows Off Halo 4 Competitive Multiplayer News 12

News 12 After a pretty impressive showing of Halo 4’s single player campaign, Halo fans are finally treated to a bit of competitive multiplayer goodness in this brand new gameplay trailer. Here, we get a look at War Games, a combative simulation which Spartan IV soldiers use as training while stationed on the UNSC Infinity. Check out […]

E3 2012 – Call of Duty: Black Ops II Extended Gameplay Footage News 35

News 35 Thanks to the boys over at Machinima, we are able to get a look at some extended gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Black Ops II from this year’s E3. You can check out the initial footage, including some fancy, off-rails aerial combat sequences, right here. Yes, it is only single player footage, but you […]

E3 2012 – Official Crysis 3 Gameplay Trailer News 5

News 5 Along with an absolutely spectacular demonstration given by award-winning developers Crytek, Crysis 3 gets a brand new E3 trailer showcasing the non-linear, open world gameplay this highly anticipate shooter will have to offer. I’d mention it looks gorgeous but that’d just be unnecessary. Leave your impressions in the comments below!

E3 2012 – Call of Duty Black Ops II Gameplay Demo Debut News 29

News 29 At last, the first gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Black Ops II was shown on the E3 stage, presented by Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattric. Here, we get our first glimpse at some of the new characters and settings as well as some of the new weapons and technology that players will […]

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Slated for September 2012 Release, Will Be Shown Off at E3 News 25

News 25 EA has announced that its’ press conference on Monday, June 4th at 4:00pm EDT (1:00pm PDT/8:00pm GMT) will feature Battlefield 3 among other titles. EA promises to “feature never-before-seen video and gameplay” of the publisher’s biggest titles. It’s unclear whether new footage of Battlefield 3’s expansion packs will be featured during the presser, but Battlefield Premium is expected to be officially revealed at the […]

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