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Star Wars Battlefront II Emperor Palpatine Announced, New Hero Powers Detailed (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: The official PlayStation Twitter account has shown off a snippet of gameplay where we can see Palpatine’s powers. Enjoy, Sith Lords! Rule the battlefield as the Emperor in Star Wars Battlefront II: — PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 23, 2017 Original Story: EA have revealed the Emperor will return in Star Wars Battlefront II. […]

Are Consoles Holding Back The True Potential of Video Games? News 86

News 86 The one thing that held CGI in movies back for as long as it was is hardware.  Movies like Jurassic Park needed computers that filled warehouses to produce their effects.  Then, good hardware starting dropping in price and movies like The Matrix became possible.  But of course, though it still looks great, The Matrix’s CGI can hardly […]

Battlefield and Call of Duty: A Detailed Analysis of Both Franchises Pt. 2 News 25

News 25 Before reading, make sure to catch up with part 1 of our analysis! The Graphics Engine: DICE and the community have been putting a lot of emphasis on the importance of a games graphics engine. Call of Duty, in particular, has garnered a lot of criticism for making incremental updates to the engine used in Call […]

Official Xbox Magazine Features 360 version of Battlefield 3 News 3

News 3 Finally! The Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 has seen the light of day! At least, sort of. Official Xbox Magazine 77 hits the shelves today, Sunday, September 4th, and features 10 pages of the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3. It also pits it up against Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and will most […]