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Hellblade 2 Gets New Trailer for Next-Gen and It Looks Amazing News 0

News 0 At The Game Awards, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer went up on stage to introduce possibly the first game for its next-gen platform, and it’s from newly acquired studio Ninja Theory, and it’s none other than Hellblade 2! Note that sequel is targeted for Xbox Series X, or Microsoft’s next-gen console. Given how we don’t have […]

E3 2019: Bleediing Edge Announced, New 4v4 Multiplayer Game From Ninja Theory News 0

News 0 At today’s Microsoft E3 press conference, Microsoft unveiled a new title from Ninja Theory (DmC, Enslaved, Hellblade), and it’s oddly enough, a 4v4 multiplayer game titled “Bleeding Edge.” The Bleeding Edge technical alpha starts later this month on June 27. No release date has been released so far.