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Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC Review Reviews 31

Reviews 31 To be 100% honest, I’m actually surprised I’m even able to review Crysis 3‘s first piece of downloadable multiplayer content in the first place, considering how hard it is to even find others who will play it with me. Crysis 3’s community is small – so small, that in the base game, the only viable […]

Crysis 3 The Lost Island DLC Gets a Launch Trailer News 10

News 10 If you haven’t heard, Crysis 3 got some DLC a few days ago. To be more specific, Crysis 3 received it’s first multiplayer DLC on June 4 called The Lost Island. Introducing four new maps set on the Lingshan Island of the original Crysis, Crossing, Coastline, Ascent, and Creek, all offer stunning visuals and dense, […]

Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC Launches Today for PC and Xbox 360, Later for PlayStation 3 News 8

News 8 Crysis 3 fans can look forward to more action in the tropical setting of the Lingshan Islands later today as Crytek is launching Crysis 3’s first set of DLC, The Lost Island. Taking place in the same setting as the original Crysis, The Lost Island introduces four new maps, two new game modes, and two […]

Crysis 3 Double XP Weekend Event Leads Up To Lost Island DLC Release News 46

News 46 Crytek has just recently announced Crysis 3 first DLC, The Lost Island, which will introduce four new maps that take place in the same tropical setting as the first, original Crysis, two new game modes and two new weapons. To celebrate, the studio is turning Double XP for Crysis 3 multiplayer all weekend. That means […]

Crytek Announces First Crysis 3 Multiplayer DLC – The Lost Island News 42

News 42 After dropping a few hints and teasing their fans with imagery of new settings and weaponry, studio Crytek has finally announced The Lost Island multiplayer DLC for Crysis 3. The Lost Island introduces four new maps to Crysis 3’s multiplayer, all set within the within a tropical island location off the coast of Ling Shan […]