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Monster Hunter World Beta Weapons and Mechanics Tip News 0

News 0 With Capcom rolling out a second phase for the Monster Hunter World beta (it’s now open to everyone!), newcomers might be wondering how to play the game, and its combat system. If so, we have just the thing! YouTuber Ace Gaming published a 56-minute video detailing the Monster Hunter World weapons available in the beta, […]

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Developer Multiplayer Tips News 5

News 5 Ubisoft Redstorm’s Creative Director Tommy Jacob shares some useful tips and hints in the latest Ubisoft ComDev episode. Jacob goes over team work, how to counter spawn trapping, and more to help you in the battlefield. You can find our GRFS coverage through here.

Modern Warfare 3 – 15 Tips To Improve Your Game News 27

News 27 1. Hip fire. It’s more accurate than you think, especially with steady aim. Of course, we don’t recommend this for every engagement, but it saves a lot of time in close quarter engagements when aiming down sight isn’t needed. It is also a great idea to master firing into aiming. Think “fire and aim at […]

Battlefield 3 – 15 Tips to Improve Your Game News 27

News 27 Before reading on, make sure to check out one of our earlier articles; Battlefield – Three Ways to Improve Your Game, where we cover some rudimentary elements to help make you a stronger player. From here, we’re going to get a little more picky, and gear our tips more towards how to shine in the […]