Battlefield 2042 Down Reports Surfacing as Players Unable to Connect to Servers This February 24

Battlefield 2042 development update

Those playing Battlefield 2042 (still), you might be having a hard time or unable to connect to the servers. If so, it’s not just you. Battlefield 2042 down reports are surfacing, with players running into issues when connecting to the multiplayer servers.

Battlefield 2042 Down and Unable to Connect to Servers Status Updates This February 24:

Fortunately, DICE has acknowledged the issues and are presently investigating:

We’ll be updating the post as more status updates are delivered by DICE. If you’re looking for something to read while you’re waiting, go check out this week’s challenge and reward (challenge #12).

If you can connect, let us know what platform you’re on and where you are in the world down in the comments.

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