Battlefield Director Says New Unnamed Studio Genuinely Cares for Franchise; New BF2042 Cosmetic Step in Right Direction

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Missions

In case you didn’t know, a lot of news regarding Battlefield 2042 has surfaced this week, and most of them weren’t the kind fans want to hear. While DICE has announced to be more transparent, the BF2042 player base wasn’t particularly happy given that the promised patch that was going to give players a refreshed scoreboard was delayed from a mid to late February release to sometime in March.

Over on Twitter, Battlefield Game Director Marcus Lehto has continued to engage the player base, and added that while he can’t say much about what’s happening with the game, he is glad that he’s working with DICE and Ripple Effect devs, as well as devs from his “new, unnamed studio.”

One thing good that came out of the announcement that Season 1 would be coming in “early summer” is that fans got a sneak peek at the Specialist skin that’s being given for free for those who bought the Year 1 Pass as part of the Gold and Ultimate editions of the game. Thankfully, the skin is more military in tone, and not goofy in anyway. This is something Lehto agrees with, and says it’s a step in the right direction.

Hopefully, Lehto doesn’t stop communicating with the player base, since that’s all we can hope for right now — that devs communicate with the franchise’s fans.

Once we know more about Lehto’s new studio, we’ll let our readers know.

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