Destiny 2 YouTubers and Streamers Reveal Why They’ve Abandoned the Game

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Big Destiny 2 YouTubers and streamers have responded to a question asking why they no longer cover the game. Surprisingly, many of the big names responded, with the general consensus being that there’s nothing left to talk about, and that Destiny 2 is no longer fun to play.

Here’s the original question by @Fe0rdin, and the responses that were given:

Sir Dimetrious:

Not fun to play, not fun to watch. Watered down boring version of destiny 1. Feels like I’m playing a demo with how limited the subclass trees are


It’s not fun to play nor fun to watch.


Because Bungie ignores 3 years of feedback and do what they feel is best. One hand doesn’t talk to the other. I miss home, but I’m not going back until it’s home.


Lack of audience, lack of fun, lack of growth potential, lack of meaningful content to explore, lack of replay-ability, lack of rewards for my time, The list goes on.


The game just isn’t fun.


I’m not engaged with the game the way i was with the prequel. I have no drive and desire to play and nothing to chase. I want things to be amazing again but I have to wait for them to be fixed by Bungie

In other Destiny 2 news, several top Destiny YouTubers have lessened their support of the game, Bungie is hiring a new community manager, and the developer explains the faction rewards throttle and incoming adjustments. It also seems like the next DLC will be Destiny 2 The Fallen Warmind, if these leaks are to believed.

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