Elden Ring Update 1.003.001 Rolled Out This March 18

Elden Ring Update 1.003.001

FromSoftware has rolled out the Elden Ring update 1.003.001 for all platforms (last-gen and next-gen), and it’s a small download. This will bring the game version to 1.03.1 for both client and servers (before it showed the server version as 1.03.0, and 1.03.1 for clients). Given the big 1.03 patch we got the other day, don’t expect anything major from this one outside of bug fixes.

Elden Ring Update 1.003.001 Patch Notes:

Size: 98MB (PlayStation), 14MB (Steam), 600MB (Xbox)

Update: According to update history on the PS4, this patch is to address some errors related to text. Should there be any additional changes spotted from the community, or any official update is provided by FromSoftware, we will be sure to update this post.

No official patch notes have been released by FromSoftware just yet, though we’re expecting this to fix the “question mark bug” on PC. Hopefully, other fixes involving multiplayer connectivity, stability to mitigate crashing on PC, and even trophy/achievements bugs are also touched upon.

Once the full patch notes are out, we’ll be sure to update the post. If you spot any gameplay-related or technical changes, leave a comment below to let us know.

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1 year ago

You guys have get your story straight you have the same news story published at the same time about the same patch with different titles, makes your organization look incredibly unorganized in terms of internal communication.

some random
Reply to  Yang
1 year ago


Jeremy Duke
Reply to  some random
1 year ago

And it appears, “some random”, that you are either an extreme fan boy of this site, you posted this article, you work for the team that created this website, or you have some type of interest in this site. What other reason would have you to be calling a commentor a “nerd” all because he was giving a little constructive criticism? Unless you’re a massive troll or you a sad and lonely person who gets his rocks off from being a jerk. I mean if you are that desperate for some attention then I might consider being your friend or playing a game with you.

Have a great day sir, try not to be salty.

Jeremy Duke
Reply to  Yang
1 year ago

I agree, not only does it look like they are unorganized and lack internal communication, but it also makes it appear as they are just trying to get traffic to their webpage. In essense, the same idea/concept as youtubers click bait.

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