Here’s the Last Unreleased Battlefield 5 French Soldier Skin Set

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We’ve already reported on a few Battlefield 5 French soldier skin sets a few weeks ago, and now, we have the last unreleased one! Thanks once again to Battlefield 5 dataminer temporyal, we now see the “Irregular” skin set in its entirety.

This Battlefield 5 French skin set should be available sometime soon, and it features character hair and a Welrod pistol.

Aside from this last Battlefield 5 French soldier skin, we also posted the last unreleased Italian Battlefield 5 skin which you can see here.

If you’re a fan of character skins, don’t forget that a new patch is scheduled next week, and there’s a challenge on-going this week that should net you the LS/26 LMG for completing it.

What skins do you want to see DICE release for Battlefield 5? Are you a fan of this character skin with a full head of hair? Let us know down in the comments.