Modern Warfare Killfeed Fix Coming in Next Update, Punching in Snowfight Bugged

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For those not happy with how Infinity Ward has implemented the killfeed in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the devs have confirmed that a Modern Warfare killfeed fix is coming in the next major patch, which is set to drop after the holidays.

This was confirmed by Multiplayer Design Director Joe Cecot over on Twitter, where he explained how the “code fix” just missed the recent update for the game.

So the fix was two parts. One part too much clutter which was promptly addressed. The second part was a code fix which just missed the recent update. A lot of our changes go in weeks before they see live. This will be in the next big update after the holiday. I wanted it earlier!

Got that? Good. Now, for those annoyed at how some players are just punching people in the newly introduced seasonal mode where you use snowballs called Snowfight, Infinity Ward Multiplayer Designer David Mickner confirmed that punching in Snowfight was supposed to be disabled, but something “weird” has happened to it.

It’s supposed to be 🙁 it is in customs, but something weird is going on in the play list

Given how seasonal Snowfight is, I suspect we won’t see an actual patch for the mode since it’ll most likely be taken out after the holidays. For those annoyed at the killfeed, well, you just have to wait a few more days/weeks as most likely, Infinity Ward will drop a patch sometime in January.

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