Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Trailer Is Here and It Looks Fantastic!

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In case you didn’t know, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II will be getting a beta this later this week, which will showcase the shooter’s gameplay mechanics, added features from the first Battlefront, and more. 

Just in case you did forget about it, EA’s here to remind you of it in style! Developer DICE has always been known to churn out some amazing trailers and Battlefront II is no different! From infantry action, to seeing heroes tear up the opposition, there’s something for everybody. Give the Star Wars Battlefront II beta trailer a watch and be thankful that everyone’s going to get a chance to try it this weekend!

We’ve posted a ton of Battlefront II details that you can pore over while waiting for the beta to kick off. There’s the complete maps list for both single-player and multiplayer, every game mode included in the final version, and the new class-based system warrants a look, too.

If you dig DICE’s Battlefield games and like the Star Wars franchise, then it seems Battlefront II will be the perfect blend for fans of both (like I am). 

Star Wars Battlefront II will blast its way out this November 17 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.