Star Wars Battlefront II Stats Page Exists But From an Earlier Build

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With all the controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, some gamers might have forgotten that there’s an actual game beneath all the microtransactions and loot crates. While the game’s player base might be dreading the moment EA rolls back in the microtransactions in the game, there’s quite a few things we’re looking forward to and one of them is a proper stats page.

Over on Reddit, user¬†NoxiousScytheSWBF¬†shared a screenshot of what he says is a Star Wars Battlefront II stats page. There’s the usual stats like kill/death ratio, total games played, total wins, most effective gun used and more. There’s also a tally of the Star Cards the player accrues and what tier it’s in.

It’s currently not known whether DICE will be implementing this in Star Wars Battlefront II, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s part of the next planned game update. Hopefully, that game update, whenever it does drop, also fixes the HDR and stuttering issues, as well as the lag spikes happening right now.

In other Battlefront II news, don’t forget to check out the leaked screenshots of the Arc Trooper, and make sure to check out our most wanted fixes for Battlefront II’s multiplayer, right here.

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