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Original Battlefield: Bad Company Now Available on Xbox One via EA Access News 0

News 0 The latest title added to EA Access’ collection of games is Battlefield: Bad Company. The sequel was added back in January, and now EA Access subscribers can experience the original. The revival of the original Bad Company game does seem a little curious, and I have to wonder if EA is nodding towards the Bad Company 3 rumors, but […]

Rumor: Battlefield 2018 to Be Battlefield: Bad Company 3 News 87

News 87 While Battlefield 1 just had its latest expansion, Turning Tides, released today, franchise fans (like me) are already looking forward to what Battlefield 2018 will be. Well, if this recent video is anything to go by, it’ll be none other than Battlefield: Bad Company 3! This info is courtesy of AlmightyDaq, who also leaked a […]

Battlefield: Bad Company Is Now Playable on Xbox One News 0

News 0 Xbox One-owning first-person shooter fans rejoice, for the original Battlefield: Bad Company is now available to play via Backward Compatibility. So, if you still have the disc knocking about, or you own the title on Games On Demand, load it up and play a few rounds. One brilliant thing about Xbox One Backward Compatibility’s staggered releases is […]

This Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Montage by eX1ar Reminds Us How Badass Snipers Were News 2

News 2 As part of Pixel Enemy’s community submissions, and seeing as MP1st is a site about multiplayer, we’ve decided to feature some of our noteworthy content submissions. For today, YouTuber eX1ar  (you can subscribe to his YouTube channel here) gives us a blast from the past. He’s sent over a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 montage which […]

Less Destructible Environments in Battlefield 3? DICE Explains News 54

News 54 Destruction has become a huge part of the Battlefield franchise. It was first introduced in Battlefield: Bad Company and has since then, become a staple part of the franchise. In an interview with IGN, Karl-Magnus Troedsson, General Manager at DICE, revealed that destruction was not originally intended to be a main part of the series. […]

More on Spotting, Music in Multiplayer and BF3 Soundtracks – DICE Talks Sound Design News 7

News 7 “Frostbite 2 is a humongous and über complex engine with mind boggling flexibility. Nobody will ever know everything about it,” said Tomas Danko, voice-over producer at DICE, on his Twitter account late last night. The improvements over Frostbite 1, used in Battlefield: Bad Company, and Frostbite 1.5, used in Battlefield: 1943 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, […]