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DayZ Standalone Patch 0.37 – Bug Fixes, Physics For Vehicles, and More Survival Mechanics News 7

News 7 DayZ is about to see a crucial update as the team behind the title plans on implementing better collision physics in the coming weeks. The patch was originally planned to be released this Wednesday, however the developers of DayZ standalone took to their blog to state that patch 0.37 has been pushed back due to being […]

DayZ Standalone Alpha – Patch Notes For Next Week’s Update News 11

News 11 A new update for the Alpha build of DayZ Standalone is set to release sometime next week, and with it comes many tweaks, additions, and graphical improvements. Some of the highlights of this update include the addition of a new weapon, which is the Machete. So if you wanted to go around Michael Myering everyone, […]

DayZ Standalone Alpha – Should You Buy It? News 30

News 30 When it comes to the DayZ Alpha, most people that haven’t already paid for it are probably wondering if it’s worth buying. From the developers telling you not to, to players essentially saying stay away unless you’re hardcore into the game, it seems like the answer would be to wait until development is further along. […]

DayZ Standalone Early Access Launch Is A Go, Alpha Now Available on Steam News 9

News 9 At long last, early access to the standalone version of Bohemia Interactive’s popular zombie-survival mod DayZ has begun. The alpha build of DayZ Standalone of is now available to download on Steam or the studio’s official website for $29.99 or € 21.77. Here’s what you get, and here’s what’s in store for the alpha: DayZ Alpha Key […]

Nearly 10 Minutes of Raw, Unedited, Pre-Alpha DayZ Standalone Footage News 19

News 19 You’ve been warned. Seriously. Check out the warning in this video. DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall has whipped up nearly 10 minutes of pre-alpha DayZ Standalone gameplay that sums up the current state of the game in its development. You can see that all the parts are there, but with some missing polish. Regardless, it’s looking […]

Day Z Standalone Release Held Up By Performance Issues and Bug Fixes News 32

News 32 On reddit, DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall updated a few curious fans with what the development team has been up to as of late and where the Standalone version of the popular Arma 2 mod currently sits. According to Hall, a number of items are being finalized and prepped for launch, but what’s really holding […]

Latest DayZ Standalone Devblog Outlines UI Improvements, Animation Tweaks, Item Degradation and Zombie AI News 32

News 32 With development on DayZ Standalone trudging along slowly but surely, creator Dean Hall has yet another demonstration of the game in its current state via his latest devblog entry. In this new video, Hall covers some of the improvements the team has made to usability thanks to feedback gathered from gaming conventions like Gamescom 2013, as […]

DayZ Standalone Testing Underway, Will Adopt a Minecraft-Like Pricing Model For Alpha, Beta, and Final Release News 32

News 32 DayZ creator talks about the studio’s upcoming plans as they prepare for the impending release of the game’s standalone version. Speaking to Gamasturtra, Dean “Rocket” Hall reveals that DayZ Standalone will adopt a Minecraft-like model when it comes to pricing. “So what we’re doing at the moment is, we gave free keys as a gift […]

DayZ Standalone Development Focuses on Character Customization, Large-Scale Testing Next Week News 5

News 5 DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall updates the zombie-loving community with some of the progress being made on the standalone version of the popular Arma 2 mod. According to his blog, internal testing is going well and the team hopes to begin their “first large-scale capacity testing next week,” provided they have a stable enough build. Testing […]

DayZ Standalone To Adopt a Client-Server Architecture in a “Plan to Change the Face of DayZ” News 9

News 9 According to creator Dean Hall, the DayZ standalone will run on a client-server architecture, much like the way an MMO is run, rather than the current ArmA2 architecture. As he puts it on his blog, “the application will move into a traditional client-server relationship which the server makes most of the decisions. This is the […]

DayZ Standalone Title To Release By Christmas, Should “Have a Load of New Content” News 30

News 30 “I really just started up the server, put the download link on there with its name, then a couple of people joined and would post on forums to share their experience. It’s really just grown from there,” creator Dean “Rocket” Hall reflects on the origins of DayZ. DayZ is certainly one of the most popular mods at the […]