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Latest EVE Online Updates Increase Gurista and Blood Raider Activity, Fix Bugs & More News 0

News 0 The latest EVE Online updates increase Guristas and Blood Raider activity within high Security Status space, fix bugs and more. For the full list of EVE Online patch notes, see below: Features & Changes Missions & NPCs – The DED have reported an increase in Guristas and Blood Raider activity within high Security Status space. In EVE […]

EVE: Online Fixes Scan Results, Avatar Issues & More News 0

News 0 CCP Games has released a new update for EVE: Online, removing market distribution from “expired” accelerators, fixing an issues with incorrect placing of the avatar in the Character Sheet header, and more. Find the full list of patch notes below: Defect Fixes Graphics Resolved an issue where the scan results on Planetary Interaction were not […]

EVE Online Halloween Flash Sale: 24-Hour Discount on All Omega Packages News 0

News 0 There’s a 24-hour EVE Online sale being held right now. Through October 31, there’s 25% off all Omega packages. The sale ends at 11 a.m. UTC on November 1. This includes the one, three six and twelve month packages for Omega game time. You can find the UK prices below: CCP Games has also announced […]

EVE: Valkyrie Is Joining the Loot Box Bandwagon News 4

News 4 Chalk up EVE: Valkyrie as the latest game to join the loot box bandwagon popularized by games such as League of Legends, Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. EVE: Valkyrie Lead Game Designer Andy Willans revealed the addition of loot boxes to the space VR shooter in an interview. Thankfully, it’s the usual loot box stuff that’s […]

EVE: Valkyrie Will No Longer Require VR, New Ships and Game Mode Coming Soon News 1

News 1 Up until now, EVE: Valkyrie has only been available to play on Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. It’s been an experience exclusive to early virtual reality headset adopters. Happily, for those without VR, the game will soon no longer require a headset. Dropping on September 26, 2017, EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone will enable “PC and […]