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Fan Recreates Modern Warfare Shipment Map in Far Cry 5 News 0

News 0 Believe it or not, it’s perfectly fine for gamers to be fan of more than one franchise contrary to what fanboys lead people to believe — especially when it comes to shooters. Regardless if you’re a fan of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Shipment map and the chaos it brings, what a user manages […]

Far Cry 5 1.5 Update Goes Wild With Fixes and Optimizations News 3

News 3 Ubisoft has detailed the Far Cry 5 1.5 update patch notes, which largely focus on fixing various issues within the game, as well as a number of optimizations. Also, players will now be able to perfect custom character edits via the customization menu. Here’s the full list of Far Cry 5 1.5 update patch notes: Far Cry 5 1.5 […]

Far Cry 5 Sales Retain Top Spot in UK Game Charts News 0

News 0 Far Cry 5 sales are still going strong, keeping the game at the top of the UK game charts for the third week running. As always, it’s important to note that this chart only take physical copies into consideration. It’s possible that digital sales stack up differently. Take a look at the UK game charts top […]

Far Cry 5 Sales Secure Top Spot for Second Week Running News 0

News 0 Far Cry 5 sales are still crushing the competition. The game has broken franchise sales records, and now it’s sitting at the top of the UK game charts for the second week running. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 UK game charts, with Far Cry 5 at the top, FIFA 18 still selling well at second, and Sea of Thieves in […]

Far Cry 5 Sales Numbers Breaks Franchise Sales Records News 0

News 0 In a press release, Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 5 is now the best-selling game in the franchise’s history! Not only did Far Cry 5 more than doubled its first week sell-through (sold, not shipped) of Far Cry 4, it’s now also the biggest launch ever for a Ubisoft game, only beaten by The […]

Far Cry 5 Sales Take Top Spot in UK Charts News 0

News 0 Far Cry 5 sales figures are in, and the game has managed to claim the top spot in the UK charts. While the sales count only includes physical copies sold, it’s still a great indicator of how popular a game is. Here’s the Top 40 Games for the week ending March 31: 01 (NE) FAR CRY […]

Far Cry 5 Map Editor Has Players Creating de_dust2, Nuketown and Other Famous Maps News 0

News 0 Possibly one of the most interesting things in Far Cry 5 is the inclusion of the “arcade mode” that lets players create their own maps and challenges for PvP (player vs player) matches. Given the tools available are fairly robust, some players have already put it to good news, and have remade some iconic maps […]

Far Cry 5 Launch Trailer Showcases the Insanity News 0

News 0 Ubisoft has released a Far Cry 5 launch trailer to celebrate the release of the game, which is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the Far Cry 5 launch trailer below, for a closer look at the crazy characters, the insane gameplay features, and more: When the four Horsemen of an apocalyptic doomsday Cult trample […]

Far Cry 5 Secret Ending: Complete the Game in 10 Minutes News 1

News 1 A Far Cry 5 secret ending has already been discovered by players who have been granted early copies of the game. The Far Cry franchise is known for its awesome Easter eggs, which includes the secret ending in Far Cry 4, where players can see the credits roll without spilling any blood. The Far Cry 5 alternate ending was discovered and […]

Far Cry 5 Microtransactions Won’t Be Cosmetic Only, Will Also “Save Time” News 1

News 1 We already know that Far Cry 5 microtransactions won’t be tied to loot boxes. However, while Ubisoft has avoided that controversial mechanic, Far Cry 5 won’t be going for a safer “cosmetic-only” option. Real-world money can you get you boosters in the game, which will “save time” and enable players to unlock things at a faster rate. Ubisoft is […]

Far Cry 5 Arcade Lets Players Make and Play Custom Maps News 7

News 7 The Far Cry 5 Arcade custom maps tool gives players the power to create and play on fully custom maps. And this isn’t just a single-player affair, either, with the Arcade also supporting co-op and up to 12-player PvP. There will be over 9,000 items that players can use to build and customize their maps, taken from Far […]

Far Cry 5 Microtransactions Confirmed but No Loot Boxes News 0

News 0 PC Gamer has confirmed that, during a Far Cry 5 preview event, a Ubisoft representative informed them that the game would not feature loot boxes, or any type of premium purchases involving chance/gambling. However, there will be Far Cry 5 microtransactions, in the form of cosmetic items and “time savers.” While the Far Cry 5 microtransactions store wasn’t available to explore […]

Far Cry 5 Season Pass: Pits Players Against Zombies, Aliens, Includes Free Far Cry 3 News 2

News 2 Far Cry 5 Season Pass! In a press release, Ubisoft has announced details regarding the Far Cry 5 Season Pass, and it’s very varied in terms of content. How varied? Well, you’ll be taking on aliens, zombies, and even Viet Cong soldiers! The Far Cry 5 release date is set for March 27, but once […]

Far Cry 5 PC Requirements Revealed, Includes 4K 60FPS Configuration Details News 0

News 0 Wondering whether your rig can run Far Cry 5? Well, wonder no more! Ubisoft has revealed the game’s PC requirements, which go into detail about what setups will achieve what frame-rates. There’s also 4K configurations, for those looking to push as many pixels as possible! Take a look at the various configurations below, and see where […]

Far Cry 5 Devs Name the Game’s Most Dangerous Animal, Talk Player Freedom & More News 0

News 0 There’s still a couple of months remaining until Far Cry 5 launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s scheduled for a worldwide launch on March 27. To help drive the hype levels up a little, Ubisoft has released a new “UbiBlog” video which explores the game’s populated world, vicious wildlife, and co-op adventures. It’s only a […]

Far Cry 5 Figurine of the Game’s Cult Leader Now Up for Pre-Order, Here’s What It Looks Like News 0

News 0 Ubisoft has announced a figutrine for its upcoming first-person action game, Far Cry 5. Called “The Father’s Calling,” it’s a figurine inspired by Far Cry 5’s Project at Eden’s Gate leader, Joseph Seed. It’ll cost $59.99, and pre-orders are open now. Check out what it looks like below, along with official details. DETAILS: In order to properly […]

New Far Cry 5 Trailer Introduces Us to “The Resistance” News 0

News 0 Ubisoft has released a new Far Cry 5 trailer, and this one is a call to action to join The Resistance! There’s a ton of shooting, explosions, arrows, and even a puma (not sure about feline type). Check it out below, and yep, it’s as awesome as it sounds. KEY FEATURES: SPARK THE FIRES OF […]

Ubisoft Delays Far Cry 5, The Crew 2 and an “Unannounced Franchise” Game News 0

News 0 In a press release, Ubisoft has announced the release date delays of Far Cry 5, The Crew 2, and an “unannounced franchise” game.  Far Cry 5, which was originally scheduled for release on February 27, 2018, will now be out on March 27, 2018. The Crew 2 will come out in the “first half of […]

PGW 2017 – Far Cry 5 Gets a Dedicated Co-Op Trailer, Looks Fun as Hell News 0

News 0 During Sony’s Paris Games Week showcase, a new Far Cry 5 trailer was deployed to show just how fun the game’s co-op mode could be. Check it out below: When you’re trying to take down an insidious cult that has gripped a small town in its violent clutches, it’s nice to have a friend along for the […]

Far Cry 5 – Announcement Trailer Is Now Live, Arrives February 2018 News 0

News 0 Fans of Ubisoft’s long running Far Cry franchise who’ve been patiently waiting for more Far Cry 5 news after getting the first taste of what’s to come thanks to the teaser trailer that was released earlier this week. Won’t have to wait any longer. As earlier today, Ubisoft has released a pair of new trailers […]

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