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Fortnite China Image Could Tease New Map or Chinese Support News 0

News 0 Epic Games has shared a Fortnite China image across its social media channels, alongside the message: “The Battle Bus is taking off! Destination, China.” There’s no clear explanation as to what this all means, and the image itself is pretty cryptic. What’s clear, is that something is happening on April 23 that concerns China or a Chinese […]

Fortnite Double XP Weekend Is Now Live News 0

News 0 A Fortnite double XP weekend is upon us! Battle Royale players will now earn twice as much XP during matches. This will last for the entire weekend, starting right now! The Fortnite double XP event has been confirmed via the in-game “News” tab menu, which can be seen below: Double XP Weekend – All experience earned is doubled! Will you be […]

Fortnite Content Update 3.5 Patch Notes: Light Machine Gun, 50v50 v2 & More News 0

News 0 Fortnite Content Update 3.5 patch notes are now available to read, while the game undergoes downtime for the latest update’s implementation. Content Update 3.5 features the Fortnite light machine gun for use in Battle Royale, the new 50v50 v2 mode, and more. Check out the full list of Fortnite Content Update 3.5 patch notes below: Fortnite Content Update 3.5 Patch Notes […]

Epic Games Plans to Fix Fortnite Guided Missiles, Peeking & Weapon Swapping News 3

News 3 Epic Games has detailed changes coming to the Fortnite guided missile, peeking, and weapon swapping. Confirmed Fortnite developer “EpicEricSW” posted the following details on the game’s official subreddit. Fortnite Future Updates: We’ve seen a lot of productive discussions recently and want to provide clarity around the recent changes! Peeking  In v3.4, we identified an unintended behavior with shooting that […]

Fortnite Replay Royale Contest Announced, Has Epic Prizes News 0

News 0 Epic Games has announced the new Fortnite Replay Royale contest, which rewards players who creatively use the Replay System to make epic videos. There are some incredible prizes to be won, so if you’re able to produce something amazing using the in-game tools, take a look at the rules below. Here’s everything you need to know about […]

The Fortnite Light Machine Gun Is Coming to Battle Royale News 0

News 0 The Fortnite Light Machine Gun is coming soon to the Battle Royale mode. Epic Games has confirmed this using the in-game news tab. The Light Machine Gun has “a fast rate of fire, large magazines and slow reload.” Here’s the description recorded on the Fortnite Gamepedia page: Assault Weapon: Light Machine Gun. A heavy weapon with high damage, an extreme rate […]

Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings Challenge Revealed Through Replay System News 0

News 0 A Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings challenge has been revealed through the game’s Replay System. Those who use the FreeDrone camera to fly over the island during the waiting lobby, will see two different layers of rings. There are purple rings and there are blue rings. It’s not yet known what exactly the Fortnite Skydive Through Floating Rings will […]

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges Leaked, Here Are All Seven News 0

News 0 The Fortnite Week 9 challenges have leaked ahead of time, giving players a few extra days to plan their attack on the upcoming objectives. The Season 3 Week 9 challenges all seem fairly straightforward, and shouldn’t be any trouble for seasoned veterans. Newcomers may struggle with the more cryptic “Follow the treasure map” and “Visit different Taco […]

Poaching Allegations Stir Up Radical Heights vs Fortnite Controversy News 0

News 0 Boss Key’s Cliff Bleszinski is not impressed with Fortnite developer, Epic Games. According to a tweet Bleszinski made, Epic Games is attempting to poach employees. This is taking place a week after the Early Access launch of Boss Key’s new free-to-play game, Radical Heights, which uses Epic Games’ own Unreal Engine. Here are the tweets made by Cliff Bleszinski […]

Fortnite 50v50 v2 Mode Delayed, To be Replaced by Solid Gold LTM News 0

News 0 The Fortnite 50v50 v2 mode has been delayed due to the account service issues that caused the game to be down for the majority of yesterday. Instead of the new 50v50 v2 mode, players will get to once again experience the Solid Gold limited time mode. Epic Games’ JustMooney1 explained the problems leading to the Fortnite 50v50 v2 […]

Fortnite 3.5.1 Update Now Live, Squashes a Hefty Number of Bugs News 0

News 0 Fortnite 3.5.1 update is now rolling out, bringing some big bug fixes to the game. It follows a lengthy period of downtime, which players will have no doubt been disappointed by. Here’s hoping the patch can make the Fortnite gaming experience smooth and steady, ready for a busy weekend! Here is the full list of Fortnite 3.5.1 update […]

Fortnite 3.5.0 Update (1.5.4) Now Live: Adds Replay Mode, Port-a-Fort & More News 0

News 0 The Fortnite 3.5.0 update is now live, ready for players across all platforms to download and install. Any downtime has passed, meaning the new content can now be fully explored. There’s a new Replay Mode, Port-a-Fort item, and lots more. (Note: PS4 owners may see the update as: Fortnite 1.54 Update.) Read below for the full list of Fortnite 3.5.0 […]

Fortnite Gun Game Limited Time Mode Is “On the List” News 0

News 0 It looks like Fortnite Gun Game will be featured as one of the upcoming limited time modes. According to a verified Epic Games developer posting on Reddit, a “progressive weapon loadout” limited time mode is “on the list.” It’s totally on the list to try a progressive weapon load out LTM at some point. Would probably bring […]

Fortnite Port-a-Fort Item Gives Players Instant Cover News 0

News 0 The Fortnite Port-a-Fort item is coming soon to the Battle Royale experience. Appearing on the in-game menu, the Port-a-Fort is a “portable fort [that] sprouts a quick defensive position upon impact.” If you’re a bit slow when it comes to building walls as a defensive tactic, the Port-a-Fort item should make the whole thing a lot easier. I think this […]

Fortnite Master Lets Players Track Their Stats, Match History & More News 2

News 2 Fortnite Master is a website that allows users to track Fortnite player stats. All it requires is an Epic Games username (the player in-game name) and all available stats will appear on the screen. For example, when I search “Ninja”, I can see that he (at time of posting) has 2,158 wins under his belt, and […]

Fortnite Week 7 Challenges: The New Season 3 Challenges News 0

News 0 The new set of Fortnite week 7 challenges have been revealed. These objectives task players with dealing damage with shotguns, searching for chests in Lonely Lodge, and solving some tricky puzzles. Check out the full list of challenges below, which you’ll soon be able to start completing to climb up those tiers and get more loot! Fortnite […]

Fortnite 10GB Update Deployed to PS4, Is Unintentionally Massive News 0

News 0 A Fortnite 10GB update is rolling out to PS4 users (patch 1.53) and it’s causing all kinds of rumors to spread. With talk of the Tilted Towers landing zone being removed, many players have been expecting a big update to drop and shake up the map. Unfortunately, for those expecting a game-changing patch, update 3.4.4 (known as […]

Fortnite 3.4 Update Patch Notes: Vending Machine, High Explosives v2 Mode & More News 0

News 0 The Fortnite 3.4 update patch notes are now live, detailing the latest changes to the game, including the addition of vending machines, the High Explosives v2 mode and more. Here’s the full list of Fortnite 3.4 update patch notes: Fortnite 3.4 Update Patch Notes: BATTLE ROYALE WEAPONS + ITEMS Vending Machines have been added. These are found in various […]

You Can Now Download Fortnite Mobile Without an Invite News 0

News 0 Access to the Fortnite mobile download is now open to everyone with a compatible device. No longer are players required to have an invite to play. Epic Games confirmed the news on social media, alongside a list of compatible Apple products. No invite needed – Fortnite is now open everywhere on iOS. Grab your friends and jump […]

Fortnite Comet Spotted, Inspires Theories of Tilted Towers Destruction News 0

News 0 A Fortnite comet has been spotted soaring through the in-game sky. Many Battle Royale players have grown fascinated by the meteor, which has inspired theories about what it could mean. A number of users think that the comet is coming to take out Tilted Towers, the most popular landing area, and there’s some evidence to back this up. A […]

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