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LawBreakers Player Count Drops Below 500 on PC Less Than a Month After Launch News 7

News 7 We’ve already documented how Boss Key’s debut game, LawBreakers, has had a tough time in roping players in post-launch. We even made a video feature about it, and even reported what Cliff Bleszinksi thinks about all of this as well. Well, sad to say, things doesn’t seem to be looking better. Over on Steam, LawBreakers […]

LawBreakers Update 1.1 Implements Balance Changes & “Crucial Bug Fixes and Improvements” News 0

News 0 The first post-launch patch is coming to LawBreakers on PC. Update 1.1 includes a bunch of gameplay balance changes, while also squashing some nasty bugs. It’s not yet clear when the update will hit PS4, but it shouldn’t be too long of a wait for console players. Here’s the full list of changes that update 1.1 brings: […]

Cliff Bleszinski Speaks Out on Lukewarm LawBreakers Reception News 2

News 2 While we reported on LawBreakers‘ less-than-impressive player count numbers at launch, it seems the studio behind it, Boss Key Productions — or at least the studio’s CEO, Cliff Bleszinski, — isn’t that worried about it so far. In an interview with Eurogamer, Bleszinski was asked about how there doesn’t seem to be enough people playing […]

5 Reasons Why LawBreakers Has Failed — LawBreakers Low Player Count Discussion News 12

News 12 Following LawBreakers‘ disappointing PC launch numbers, I went ahead and put together a video feature listing the reasons which may have caused the game to have failed. These include the low interest at launch, the genre being tired, the free access to trial the game, and more.  Sure, it’s early days, and the game could well […]

LawBreakers PC Unimpressive Launch Numbers, Peaked at 3,000 Players and Continues to Drop News 13

News 13 I’ve been pretty hyped for LawBreakers on PC. Having taken part in many an alpha and beta test, I’ve gotten to see the game change and evolve into something great. Unfortunately, for developer Boss Key Productions, it doesn’t like many other players share my sentiment. Despite the game having achieved a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, […]

LawBreakers PS4 Version Suffers Terrible Stutters, Patch Coming Today News 0

News 0 Pre-ordering or buying games on day one is always a risky business, as eager LawBreakers players have learned. Those on PlayStation 4 are experiencing a terrible stutter that regularly halts gameplay for a third of a second. The problem occurs during public matches, but isn’t present in custom games, meaning it’s likely a network problem. The folks […]

LawBreakers Launch Trailer Combines Insane Gameplay Clips, Demands You “Bring Your Skills” News 2

News 2 It’s launch day for Boss Key’s gravity-defying LawBreakers, and we’ve been presented with a high-octane gameplay trailer to mark the occasion. Entitled “Skilled AF”, the video (which you can click and watch just below) features a montage of epic clips interwoven with quotes of praise from various gaming personalities. Boss Key is really pushing this “Skilled AF” […]

Boss Key Unleashes First Gameplay Trailer For LawBreakers, Will Be Playable at PAX Prime News 12

News 12 As promised, new gameplay footage from Boss Key Productions recently unveiled shooter, LawBreakers, debuts today with an exciting trailer showing off new characters, abilities, and gravity-defying arena combat. It’s pretty early, but the gameplay certainly has a charm to it, making neat use of the grappling hook and abilities like the classic rocket jump. Weapons […]

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