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Valve Unveils New Steam Controller Design, Will Ship At Volume Later This Year News 13

News 13 Valve has lifted the curtain on their brand new design of the Steam Controller, meant to work in tandem with the recently introduced SteamOS and Steam Machine. The new design has been derived through feedback gathered directly from the ongoing beta. It no longer supports a touch screen, dropped the lithium battery, and adopted a […]

Top 5 Myths of PC Gaming Debunked News 153

News 153 PC gaming can be a scary thing for some. Whether it’s finding parts and building your own rig or diving into entirely new social experiences, things may seem a little intimidating …at first.  But I’m here to tell you that it isn’t all that bad, especially considering the sort of technology that’s available today and […]

Valve Announces New Steam Machine Partners – Alienware, Origin PC, and More [Update: Specs] News 18

News 18 Valve’s army is growing. This year, the company plans to bring the PC gaming experience into the living room with their innovative new products; the Steam Machine, Steam Controller, and SteamOS. Helping to carry out this vision is an expanding list of third-party manufacturers developing their own version of the platform based on Valve’s original […]

Take A Look At Valve’s Steam Machine News 10

News 10 Like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, Valve has taken to the living room for your gaming needs and wants. But unlike the big three, Valve is doing things differently and bringing hardcore gamers to the living room with an impressive rig, a revolutionized controller, and the new SteamOS. Last Friday, 300 beta participants got their Steam […]

Steam Machine Hardware Specs Detailed by Valve News 20

News 20 Later this year, 300 Steam Machine prototypes running Valve’s recently announced SteamOS will be sent to testers to help facilitate Steam’s transition to the living room. Valve has announced that the prototype machines will be high-end computers built from off-the-wall PC parts. The recent update also details the specifications and variations of the hardware. Steam […]