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World War 3 Free Weekend Coming This Week, Check Out the Trailer, Schedule and More News 1

News 1 Those who want a more grounded first-person multiplayer shooter to play now, you might want to check out The Farm 51’s World War 3. If you’d rather try before you buy, The Farm 51 has just the thing! The World War 3 free weekend has been announced, and it’s set this coming weekend on PC! […]

World War 3 Update 0.6 Patch Notes Listed, Adds 2 New Maps, New Weapons & More News 0

News 0 If you’re a PC player who likes shooters, chances are you’ve heard of The Farm 51’s World War 3. If you’re one of the many Early Access players, rejoice! The World War update 0.6 patch notes and file download are now live, and it adds a TON of new content and gameplay tweaks to the […]

World War 3 Early Access Trailer Fires Out and You Need to Watch It News 0

News 0 Tired of futuristic or old-school shooters and want something more modern? If so, then  World War 3 by developer The Farm 51 might be just the thing you need! Set in modern times, World War 3 looks to bring some of that modern combat that’s been missing the past few years. Check out the World […]

World War 3 Gameplay Trailer for gamescom Showcases Modern Combat News 0

News 0 Have you heard of the game World War 3? If not, it’s fine, as it’s not made by a big-name studio, nor is it being published by a big-name publisher. It’s made by an indie team in Poland called The Farm 51. With gamescom kicking off today, the studio has released a World War 3 […]