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“Black Ops 2,” Code-Named “Eclipse,” to Release on a Total Solar Eclipse Day? News 26

News 26 You may remember our earlier report revealing what seemed to be a teaser poster for Treyarch’s next Call of Duty title, which clearly presents the date 05.02.12, hinting at a possibly reveal on May 2nd. This poster has recently begun showing up at various GameStop locations confirming its legitimacy as well as providing further clues to a […]

Rumor – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Poster Leaked, Reveal on May 2nd? News 11

News 11 A leaked retailer poster teases a reveal of the next Call of Duty title to take place on May 2nd, 2012. Kotaku has recently received an image of a poster from an unnamed retailer which looks to be a tease for Treyarch’s next Call of Duty title. The poster includes the phrase “Return For Debriefing” underneath the […]

Black Ops 2 – Possible Tweaks to Headquarters Game Mode News 15

News 15 Treyarch Developer David Vonderhaar brainstorms with his followers ways to improve the Headquarters game mode in the next Call of Duty title. For simplicity sake, we’re going to call this title “Black Ops 2,” what with the recent leaks concerning both multiplayer information as well as a Black Ops 2 logo including a release date of […]

[Updated] Black Ops 2 Logo Allegedly Leaked Including Debut Trailer Release Date News 100

News 100 Update: CoDInform has informed us of yet another leaked Black Ops 2 image, this time with the additional subtitle, “Reveal Trailer is Coming.” In our eyes, this one seems rather fake as the subtitle itself is of a different quality than that of the font used for “Black Ops 2” and “04.28.12.” Check out the […]

Black Ops 2 MP Leak – Heat Vision Alluded To, Map Voting System Likely To Carry Over, Health Regenerating Perk Cut From Black Ops News 34

News 34 By now many of you may have stumbled across a recent list of leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer features. If you haven’t been so fortunate, you can check out the list we broke last week right here. You’ll notice a number of details regarding game modes, pointsreaks, perks and much more. However, […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Release Date Leaked News 44

News 44 Surprise, surprise. Call of Duty fans will be treated to yet another title this year according to leaked information. Similar to the leak over at Amazon France a few weeks back, Spanish online retailer, FNAC, seems to have let it slip that “Black Ops 2” is yet again confirmed as the next Call of Duty […]

Treyarch Looking for a Designer to Take Levels “from Design to Completion” News 9

News 9 Treyarch posted a job listing on the studio’s website looking for a Level Builder/Designer, preferably with Call of Duty modding experience. Earlier this month, Activision confirmed that there will be a new Call of Duty releasing this year. While 2012’s CoD has yet to be subtitled, several reports, retail leak and domain registration, point to the name Black Ops 2, which Treyarch […]

Call of Duty Developer Seeks Balance Between “Quickscopers” and “Hardscopers” News 58

News 58 David Vonderhaar, Gameplay Designer at Treyarch, sits down with Call of Duty fans in an attempt to find peace in the war between “quickscopers” and “hardscopers”. First, a quick definition of terms: A “quickscoper” can be considered someone who fires a high-powered rifle (usually a bolt-action sniper rifle in this case) immediately after acquiring a […]

Black Ops 24/7 Map Revealed and Open Lobby Announced News 6

News 6 As a follow up to the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP and 24/7 playlist announcement, Treyarch reveals what map will be featured and announces its official open lobby and livestream channel. Today, Treyarch has announced Firing Range as the winning map and reminds fans that “double XP starts tomorrow, Feb 10th at […]

Incoming Black Ops Double XP Weekend and 24/7 Playlist News 18

News 18 Treyarch hasn’t yet forgotten about Call of Duty: Black Ops. Fans are still craving those double XP weekends and 24/7 map playlists. Luckily, Treyarch is here to deliver. Starting this Friday, February 10th at 10am PST until the same time Monday, February 12th, Black Ops players will be treated to another double XP weekend and […]

Treyarch Working on Next-Gen Call of Duty? – Sledgehammer Looking for ‘Mod Community Experience’ News 7

News 7 A new job listing suggests that Treyarch has next-gen tools, and is looking for potential employees with next-gen experience. Sledgehammer, on the other hand, is looking for mod community experience. As you might have heard, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have been staffing up lately. In recent job listings for both studios, phrases, such as ‘next-generation technologies’, were mentioned […]

Zombies Confirmed for “Black Ops 2”? News 78

News 78 Could we be seeing yet another instalment of Treyarch’s popular Zombie mode in their next Call of Duty title? Sound Designer on Zombies, Collin Ayers, hints at the possibility. Considering the massive success of the first two iterations of Zombie mode in World at War and Black Ops, it would not be surprising to see […]

Is Call of Duty Better Without KDR? CoD Gameplay Designer Answers News 37

News 37 Treyarch Developer, David Vonderhaar, speaks with Call of Duty fans about what role statistics play in a first-person shooter. “I don’t understand the argument [Call of Duty] is better without KDR,” Vonderhaar stated in response to a number of fans wishing for the abolishment of in-game stats, specifically the kill-to-death ratio. This can be a touchy […]

Treyarch Dev Talks Perks: “Is The Problem Really Assassin?” News 19

News 19 In David Vonderhaar’s ongoing discussion with Call of Duty fans, he recently spoke of everybody’s favorite perks: Ghost and Assassin. Many complaints regarding perk balance in Call of Duty stem from perks like Assassin who’s base version in MW3 grants users immunity to UAV, portable radar, thermal, and heartbeat. The Pro version grants immunity to the […]

Black Ops 2: 2012’s Call of Duty? News 20

News 20 It is becoming more and more likely that Treyarch, developers of Call of Duty 3, World at War, and Black Ops, are indeed naming their next project “Black Ops 2.” This most likely will not come as a surprise to many considering the success of the original Black Ops as well as the mass success […]

Treyarch Dev Talks CoD Gun Balance and Why It’s Broken News 74

News 74 David Vonderhaar, Lead Gameplay Designer at Treyarch, has recently been talking with fans about a rather touchy subject: gun balance. He also had some very bold things to say regarding the direction Call of Duty seems to be going. He recently asked this question on Twitter: “True or False. Perks/ Proficiencies (like Steady Aim/ Quickdraw/ […]

You Think You Want a CoD4 Remake, But You Don’t – Treyarch Dev Talks Innovation News 56

News 56 Recently, David Vonderhaar, Game Design Director at Treyarch, opened up a dialogue with fans revealing what kind of thinking goes into developing a Call of Duty game. It goes without saying that the Call of Duty franchise has millions of players who play online, 0ver 30 million, to be more accurate. With as much praise […]

Treyarch on Tweaks for Black Ops and “Next” Call of Duty News 33

News 33 Call of Duty: Black Ops Developer, David Vonderhaar, has been rather active on the official Black Ops forums lately searching for feedback on various gameplay and balance matters. One question we are asking is if this feedback is to be used to improve Black Ops, or will it be factored into their next title, be […]

Eleven Dances That Are Also Call of Duty Players News 2

News 2 In order to distinguish the different breeds of Call of Duty competitors, I devised a specific and foolproof classification system in order to aid gamers in handling communication with, between, and about their opponents and teammates. You might be asking yourself why identifying certain players by labeling them as a dance is necessary. Here’s an […]

DICE: “We have mad love for Infinity Ward and Treyarch” News 8

News 8 DICE’s Lead Designer, David Goldfarb, has nothing but kind words for the two major Call of Duty development studios.     Recently, you might have read about EA and Activision going at it in a very competitive manner. We even compiled all the stories for you here. Last month, we reported on what Robert Bowling had to say about Battlefield […]

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