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World War 3 Early Access Trailer Fires Out and You Need to Watch It News 0

News 0 Tired of futuristic or old-school shooters and want something more modern? If so, then  World War 3 by developer The Farm 51 might be just the thing you need! Set in modern times, World War 3 looks to bring some of that modern combat that’s been missing the past few years. Check out the World […]

World War 3 Gameplay Trailer for gamescom Showcases Modern Combat News 0

News 0 Have you heard of the game World War 3? If not, it’s fine, as it’s not made by a big-name studio, nor is it being published by a big-name publisher. It’s made by an indie team in Poland called The Farm 51. With gamescom kicking off today, the studio has released a World War 3 […]


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