DICE Issues Christmas Message to Battlefield V Community and the “Christmas Noobs”

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It’s the holidays! This means that a lot of people are home playing games! This also means that a lot of people got Battlefield V as presents! With that said, DICE has posted a Christmas message to the Battlefield V community, and the “Christmas noobs.”

Here’s what Community Manager “PartWelsh” had to say:

Merry Christmas r/BattlefieldV ???????? from BattlefieldV

Enjoy yourselves, whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re spending it.

Invite the Christmas Noobs into your Party Chats and Discords, teach them the ways of Specialisations, link them to your favourite content creators, and always, always build Snögubbe.

Merry Christmas from everyone at DICE and EA!

Those not familiar with the term “Christmas noobs,” it’s what gamers call the people who get the game for Christmas (as presents) and log in for the first time (hence why they’re called “noobs”). They’re usually seen as fodder for the first few times they play, though that’s not always the case.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE has mentioned that the January update for the game’s first draft is already close to 10 pages long! We also reported that the game’s microtransactions will take effect this January 18, which you can read about here.

Have fun playing, Battlefield gamers! And remember: let the Christmas noobs win once in a while, alright?

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