Analyst: Battlefield V Sales Disappoint, Cites Consumer Backlash, Delayed Battle Royale Mode as Causes

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While EA hasn’t revealed any official Battlefield 5 sales numbers, industry data has cropped up that seems to heavily suggest that the game isn’t performing as the publisher would have liked. It seems even analysts are in agreement as well.

In a new report by SeekingAlpha (login required), analyst John Miller states that additional estimate reductions should be expected when it comes to earnings as Battlefield 5 sales disappoint. Check out the summary of his findings, where it posits that the reason for the low sales are due to the delayed battle royale mode, consumer backlash, and more.

  • Battlefield V suffered from consumer backlash as a less authentic portrayal of WWII was revealed.
  • EA formally revised FY 2019 net bookings guidance; the outlook was revised from $5.55 billion to $5.20 billion.
  • The limited nature of Battlefield V’s single player campaign at launch, unimplemented cooperative missions and the delay for the battle royale mode frustrated players.
  • All the major retailers currently have the title on sale for 33% to 50% off.
  • As hard sales data comes forward in January, look for additional downward revenue revisions from analysts and corresponding pressure on the stock price.

Will EA garner a lot of holiday sales for Battlefield V? For DICE’s sake, let’s hope so.

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