Fallout 76 Day One Patch Is Bigger Than the Actual Game

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With almost every big AAA game now needing a day one update, it’s understandable that whatever install size a game is when announced, isn’t the hard disk space allocation we actually need to be able to run it. But have you ever heard of a day one update that was bigger than the actual game? It seems that’s the case with Fallout 76.

At launch day, the Fallout 76 day one update is at a whopping 54GB, which is is even bigger than the game size of “only” 45GB. This Fallout 76 day one update will supposedly fix a lot of bugs discovered during the beta phase. Aside from that, the actual patch notes for the update aren’t known yet, but once the game is out, that info should be made available.

In other Fallout 76 news, go check out this fan-made Fallout 76 map app for Android. You can also read up on the game’s microtransactions called “Atoms” right here. If you’re more interested in gameplay, watch hours of gameplay to see if the game will be your cup of tea.

Source: USGamer