This Fan-Made Marvel’s Avengers PS1 CD Case Is a Sight to Behold

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Are you looking forward to Marvel’s Avengers? If you are, and you’re waiting for the servers to go up soon, you might be watching Marvel movies to pass the time. For one fan though, they went ahead and made a Marvel’s Avengers PS1 CD case! Yes, this is in an old school jewel case, and there’s even the appropriate sleeve on the back and sides too!

Check out the work made by JinnMedia (Reddit username who has graciously provided MP1st with a bunch of images!

I have to say, this Marvel’s Avengers PS1 CD case brings back memories. I fondly remember opening up these jewel cases for the latest PS1 release. I managed to break quite a lot too from what I remember.

In other Marvel’s Avengers news, those who bought the game’s Deluxe Edition digitally, the pre-load is now live! Here’s when to expect reviews to go live in case you’re curious. MP1st is waiting for the servers to open up before we dive in! Expect not only a review from us but tips and guides on each character and more.

Stay tuned this September 1 as a new War Table devstream is set to air where we’ll see post-launch plans and more.

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