Unreleased Battlefield 5 Italian Soldier Skins Leaked

battlefield 5 italian soldier

Just last week, we posted unreleased Battlefield 5 French soldier skins which were unearthed via the game files. If that wasn’t your cup of tea, we now have more unreleased skins to share.

Once again courtesy of Battlefield 5 dataminer temporyal, we now have our first look at two unreleased Battlefield 5 Italian soldier skins! Called the “Death Visits From on High,” there are two variants of it.

battlefield 5 italian soldier

Same as always, there’s no guarantee that these datamined files will ever make it into the game, so don’t be upset if they don’t, alright?

While DICE might have nothing big to announce this week, there’s a ton of leaked game file data to check out. We posted the upcoming set of Challenges for Tides of War: Chapter 3, as well as gameplay footage of new unreleased guns.

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