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EA Games and EA Access Subscription Coming to Steam News 0

News 0 If you’re one of the millions of PC players who use Steam and want to play EA games without using Origin, that will soon become a reality! Today, EA has announced that the publisher’s titles will soon be available on Valve’s Steam platform! This will be in effect in full starting next spring, but the […]

Gamers Can Now Get Anthem on EA Access and Origin Access News 0

News 0 EA has announced that gamers can now get Anthem on EA Access and Origin Access. Both of the subscription platforms haven’t had Anthem until now, and many EA fans have questioned why they weren’t able to play it through them when they can get everything else. Origin Access Basic or EA Access subscribers can both […]

EA Access PS4 Release Date Announced News 0

News 0 Last May EA announced that their gaming subscription service, EA Access, would finally be hitting the PlayStation 4 after being absent from the console for nearly five years. While we knew the targeted release would be in July, today EA has revealed the exact EA Access PS4 release date, and it’s none other than on […]

EA Access Comes to PS4 Five Years Later, But Is There Any Value? News 5

News 5 (Opinions offered here are solely that of the author’s and does not represent the entirety of MP1st). Five years ago, EA Access launched for the Xbox and PC platforms, giving players a large library of “free” games as long as they stayed subscribed, with additional perks such as game trials and discounts. However, one major […]

Report: Battlefield 5 and A Way Out Joining EA Access Vault News 2

News 2 With EA announcing that EA Access will finally be available on PS4 starting this July, it seems some of the EA Access PS4 games entering the vault have been inadvertently leaked ahead of time. Going over to the newly created EA Access PS4 portion of EA’s website, a(still-unlisted) trailer is embedded where it shows a […]

EA Access PS4 Announced, Starts This July News 0

News 0 If you’re a fan of EA-published titles and you mostly game on a PC and/or Xbox One, chances are you’ve already signed up or at least tried EA’s EA Access subscription service. For those who game on a PS4 and want in on the action, rejoice! EA has announced that EA Access PS4 membership program […]

Report: EA Access PS4 Leak Spotted on Brazilian PSN Store News 0

News 0 If you’re an Xbox One gamer, and you like EA’s games, chances are, you’ve tried or you’re currently a member of EA Access; EA’s subscription-based gaming service, which is similar to Origin Access for PC. While the service isn’t available on PS4, could that be changing soon? Over on Reddit user Sabazin posted a picture […]

Star Wars Battlefront To Get An Early EA Access Launch On Xbox One News 78

News 78 Update Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has echoed Greenberg’s previous statement, saying in one of his own Twitter responses that Star Wars Battlefront will be playable first on Xbox One via EA Access. @MJC3809 @majornelson @EAAccess @XboxQwik @DMC_Ryan Yes you can play SW: Battlefront first on Xbox One, exclusively with @EAAccess — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) […]

Xbox One Users With EA Access Can Play Battlefield Hardline March 12, New Hardline-Themed Xbox One Console Revealed News 13

News 13 Visceral Games’ cops and criminals shooter, Battlefield Hardline, launches March 12 if you happen to own an Xbox One and are a subscriber to the EA Access service. Users will get access to the full game, including the single player campaign and all multiplayer content, for 10 hours of play time before having to wait […]

Grab Battlefield 4’s Second Assault DLC At No Extra Cost If You’re An EA Access Member News 9

News 9 EA Access is rewarding its subscribers with more than just early access Battlefield: Hardline this March. The publisher has announced that it’s now going to offer members Battlefield 4’s throwback expansion, Second Assault, at no extra cost, starting this Thursday, January 29th through February 28th. The multiplayer expansion tosses you back into the fray of Battlefield […]

Battlefield Hardline Will Come To Xbox One First Via EA Access [Updated] News 20

News 20 UPDATE: EA Access subscribers will get early access to Battlefield Hardline, the game, not the beta, as the article originally stated. It has been amended to reflect that. Subscribers to EA Access will get to enjoy Visceral Games’ upcoming shooter, Battlefield Hardline, early, according to a recent tweet from the studio. EA Access is a subscription-based program that […]

EA Access Leaves Beta, Rolls Out On Xbox One Today News 11

News 11 EA Access, a monthly subscription-based service giving Xbox One users access various EA titles with added perks, is leaving beta today and will be available to all Xbox One users by the end of the day, says EA. The service runs at $5 USD a month, or $30 a year, and gives subscribers free reign over […]

Sony Says EA Access Doesn’t ‘Represent Good Value To The Playstation Gamer’ News 52

News 52 Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft had scored a deal with publisher Electronic Arts to bring Xbox Live members on Xbox One EA Access, an exclusive subscription service costing $5 a month or $30 a year that comes loaded with benefits like full game access and early game trials. Today, we learned that Sony, on the other hand, […]