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Battlefield 3: End Game Maps Inspired by Four Seasons, More on Dropship and AA Vehicles News 28

News 28 There’s quite a bit to look forward to this march with Battlefield 3’s final expansion, End Game. Just recently, we learned the Air Superiority game mode would be joining the re-introduction of Capture the Flag (originally seen in Battlefield 1942) which would star the fast and furious motor-bike as a brand new vehicular addition to […]

Battlefield 3: End Game DLC Introduces The Air Superiority Game Mode News 33

News 33 According to an unadvertised update on the Battlelog, it looks like Air Superiority will be making its way to Battlefield 3’s End Game expansion pack this March along with the previously announced game mode, Capture the Flag. Air Superiority, introduced in Battlefield: 1943 and not appearing in any other Battlefield game since, is an aerial […]

Battlefield 3: End Game Will Have You Doing Wheelies – Premium Video Now Available News 46

News 46 Yesterday, DICE dropped some fresh new info regarding Battlefield 3’s upcoming and final expansion pack, appropriately titled “End Game.” While it reconfirmed a few details we already know, like the introduction of motor-bikes, we also learned that Capture the Flag would be the brand new featured game mode while new vehicles like the “dropship” would […]

Battlefield 3: End Game – Capture The Flag Returns, Dropships, and Other Details News 118

News 118 DICE has officially released some brand new details about their new upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC expansion, End Game. Many will be happy to know that the popular game mode, Capture the Flag, will be making a return in End Game. Many of the details that DICE released isn’t all that new or surprising, though they are […]

Battlefield 3: End Game DLC Rumors – New Tools, Game Modes and a “Jungle-Style” Setting News 86

News 86 Prepare for the first set of rumors surrounding DICE’s final expansion back for Battlefield 3, End Game. MP1st reader Expertark5man has pointed out rumors of an upcoming End Game short film that will be made available to Premium users soon. Members will notice that the Premium Calendar already lists the 7th Premium video as an […]

More Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Tank Superiority Gameplay, Additional Weapon DLC to Come? News 65

News 65 Yesterday, we got our first look at Tank Superiority, the new game mode available in the upcoming Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC, out this September. You can catch up on all the details here, if you missed it. While the recent footage gave us a good glimpse of some Tank Superiority action on the new […]

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Fact Sheet, Hi-Res Aftermath and End Game Box Covers News 63

News 63 Forget Close Quarters. Armored Kill is all the rage today among the Battlefield 3 community. Yesterday, we got our first look at some gorgeous Armored Kill screens as well as some footage from the Battlefield 3 Premium trailer. Today, we’ve gotten our hands on a few more details thanks to this Armored Kill fact sheet, […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Trailer and DLC Analysis, Everything You Need to Know News 111

News 111 The newest Battlefield 3 Premium trailer was packed with information and screens of upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC including maps, weapons, vehicles, and customization options. We also find further clues to what Aftermath and End Game are all about. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the incredible Battlefield 3 Premium trailer right here. […]

Battlefield 3 Premium Announced, First Trailer News 79

News 79 After being rumored numerous times and even being accidentally revealed by Sony, Battlefield Premium is finally announced. Here’s the very first trailer confirming everything that was listed in the recent Battlefield Premium fact sheet. (Because we had to replace the YouTube trailer several times, a working non-Youtube trailer was provided to us from an undisclosed source below.) […]

BF3 – More Battlefield Premium Details Surface Revealing What’s Included And Title of 5th DLC News 117

News 117 From the same sources that leaked initial details of Battlefield Premium, we’ve learned further information on what exactly might be offerred in this “premium” package. Of course, this information is unofficial until proven otherwise by DICE or EA, but here’s what we know so far. Update 2: coolshop UK lists Battlefield Premium at 34.96 GBP which […]

DICE Promises “12-18 Months of Value for Battlefield 3” and Details Upcoming DLC, Close Quarters and Armored Kill News 60

News 60 Close Quarters Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus and Battlefield 3 Executive Producer/Temporary DICE CEO Patrick Bach talk Battlefield 3 DLC, Close Quarters and Armored Kill, and lay out DICE’s future plan for Battlefield 3. Speaking to VG247, Niklas Fegraeus describes Close Quarters as an “indoor Battlefield.” To check out some gameplay footage for yourself, make sure to take […]

Battlefield: Evolved Leaked, More On Battlefield 3 DLC News 56

News 56 More and more Battlefield. That’s exactly what fans need. It seems that they are in no short supply with the recent DLC announcements as well as a newly leaked Battlefield title. Also, check out some screens of the upcoming DLC. UK-based retailer Hight Street listed an entirely new Battlefield 3 title on their 2012 release […]

Battlefield 3 to Recieve Three Expansion Packs – Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game Announced News 103

News 103 EA announced today that Battlefield 3 will receive three expansion packs throughout the year; the expansion packs are subtitled, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game. After going Back to Karkand, Battlefield 3 players can expect three more expansion packs for Battlefield 3. As Patrick Bach reiterate DICE’s desire to make expansion packs rather than map pack by stating, “instead […]

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