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Halo 4 Drops to 4th Place on Xbox Live Activity Charts, Halo 2 PC Servers Shut Down Next Month News 38

News 38 Xbox Live activity charts are out for the week of January 7th. According to Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb’s blog, FIFA Soccer 13 has overtaken Halo 4 on the Xbox 360, dropping it to 4th place as FIFA Soccer 13 now sits at 3rd. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition stays put at 2nd place while, unsurprisingly, Call […]

Xbox LIVE Turns 10 Years Old, Win a Custom Xbox 360 and Score Some Xbox LIVE Arcade Deals News 25

News 25 On the heels of some of the Xbox 360’s most significant releases, Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Xbox LIVE – you know, that service that lets you play video games online with anyone around the world – has turned 10 years old. To celebrate, Microsoft is allowing gamers to enter for […]

Halo 4 Tops Xbox Live Charts, Medal of Honor: Warfighter Nowhere in Sight News 26

News 26 In this week’s Xbox Live activity, a space marine jet packs to the top of the charts while a modern day military vet bows out. Halo 4 claims its spot as the most played Xbox Live title this week, unsurprisingly. What is surprising is that Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb notes that “this is the list […]

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Overtakes Modern Warfare 3 as Most-Played Xbox Live Title, Plus More News 28

News 28 The title says it all. At last, a game without the words “Call of Duty” in its name has risen to the top spot of the most-played Xbox Live titles. Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb reports the following numbers. Live Activity for week of October 15 Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles (based on UU’s) Minecraft: […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Is a “GO”, PC Patch Adds Weapon Course And Zombie Mod Support News 22

News 22 Lock and Load! After months of beta testing, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now officially a “GO” globally on Steam and PS3, tomorrow on Xbox 360. Starting today, you’ll be able to pick up Counter-Strike go on Steam or the PlayStation Network for $14.99 USD. Xbox 360 players can snag the title on the Xbox Live […]

Updated: Xbox Live Down, Microsoft is “Working to Resolve the Issue” News 34

News 34 Update: According to the official status page, the Xbox LIVE service is currently back up and running. Original Story: Xbox Live is currently down for most users as the following message appears on the service status page: Users may experience difficulties with the following services: Signing into Xbox LIVE from an Xbox console Signing into […]

Upcoming Xbox Live Discounts – MW3 and Black Ops DLC 50% Off, MP Games Deals News 18

News 18 Microsoft’s Major Nelson has revealed the upcoming discounts on Xbox Live for the next couple of weeks. Activision is holding a 50% off sale on all Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 map packs next week, from July 3rd until July 9th. Activision (July 3rd – July 9th) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Collection 1 […]

[Updated] Battlefield 3 Premium Now Live, Don’t Buy Expansions from Xbox Live or PSN – Close Quarters PS3 Live News 52

News 52 Battlefield 3 Premium is now live on both PSN and Xbox 360 for $50 or 4000 MS points but there’s a catch. Premium on PC is not available at the time of writing. Update: We now have access to the  full description of Battlefield 3 Premium: “Battlefield 3 Premium includes expansion packs Back to Karkand, […]

Modern Warfare 3 Free Face Off Maps, Erosion and Aground, Now Live On Xbox 360 News 9

News 9 With a download size of 157.53, two brand new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 maps, Erosion and Aground are now live on both the Xbox Live Marketplace for absolutely free. Available to all Xbox Live users, including non-CoD Elite members, Erosion and Aground also come packed with the brand new 1v1 and 2v2 game mode, […]

Quake 4 Returns to Xbox 360 News 6

News 6 Quake 4, originally one of the Xbox 360’s launch titles, is now being re-released on the Xbox 360 for a retail price of $19.99 in North America. Players in NA will be able to get their hands on this title (for the first or second time, perhaps) on Tuesday, June 19th. A release date for […]

New MW3 Xbox 360 Update Allows Elite DLC Access for Multiple Profiles News 12

News 12 Infinity Ward has released a new mandatory update for Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360. It’s worth noting that PS3 version of the game also received a new patch, 1.08, which Xbox 360 users downloaded on January 24th. However, unlike patch 1.08, the new update is not intended for weapon rebalancing and bug fixes, it is […]

Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.08 Now Live on Xbox 360 – Coming Soon for PC and PS3 News 12

News 12 Update 3: MW3 1.08 Patch Notes revealed. Update 2: We asked Bowling on whether the PS3 and PC versions of the game will receive the patch anytime soon, he answered, “yes, it will be coming out shortly for PS3 and PC. The PS3 version of the patch had PS3 exclusive updates that delayed it slightly.” Update 1: Bowling has stated […]

MW3 First Collection of DLC Coming in March for Non-Elite News 15

News 15 Robert Bowling has just revealed via twitter that players with non paid elite subscription will be able to purchase the first collection of DLC in March. Bowling stated “ELITE subscribers get free monthly DLC content drops for MW3. In March, the first paid collection of DLC comes out for non-subscribers.” If history is any indication, the […]

DICE: BF3 on “PS3… A Focus From The Start” and Caspian Border on Console Beta a Possibility News 23

News 23 In the opinion of many gamers, many recent multiplatform games seem slightly, but noticeably under-developed on the ported platforms when produced with a lead platform in mind. One example we could look at is Call of Duty: Black Ops, who’s lead platform was the Xbox 360. On release, the game ran smoothly on the 360 […]

BF3 – DICE To Add In-Game Squad Support News 3

News 3 Five days are left until the Battlefield 3 Beta ends. By this time, both fans and devs are busy finding bugs and glitches in the game engine and ironing them out. We’ve previously mentioned some of the best places to report problems you find within the Beta. Make sure to check them out. One of […]

Battlefield 3 – Beta Not Receiving Any More Updates, Mirror’s Edge Easter Egg and DICE Taking Feedback News 4

News 4 DICE seems to have opened up another channel for communicating with Battlefield fans about bugs and glitches in the Battlefield 3 Beta. Since last night, DICE’s Twitter account, Battlefield, has been taking concerns and responding to many, if not almost all. It has been reported earlier that the Battlefield 3 Beta does not graphically represent […]

BF3 Beta – DICE on Recent Hacks, Why Caspian Border Isn’t Public, and More on Sound Design News 27

News 27 The Battlefield 3 Beta has been under attack recently with the many hackers that plague the Battlefield community. Among aimbots and server hacks, we’ve also reported on a 3D wall hack that has recently surfaced. However, the latest FAQ that can be found on the Battlelog has shown that DICE is indeed looking into these issues. “Patch […]

Battlefield 3 – Improvements To In-Game Squad Management Hinted At and More Beta Fixes News 7

News 7 The further we get into the week of the Battlefield 3 Beta, the more we are beginning to learn about the types of changes and fixes DICE will be making to the final version of the game. While we won’t see many of these changes in the Beta itself, DICE assures us that they will […]

Leaked Weapon List for Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand DLC News 36

News 36 Many Battlefield fans have been curious about exactly what type of content the Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion pack, releasing later this year (one week earlier on the PS3), will include.   So far, only a list of maps have been confirmed: Wake Island Strike at Karkand Gulf of Oman Sharqi Peninsula However, Morgan […]

The Three Cheapest Shotguns in Recent Shooters News 9

News 9 Shotguns. Boomsticks. Double-barreled hand cannons. Skeet blasters. Every self-respecting online shooter has to feature a powerful shotgun, if for no other reason than to adhere to the rule of weapon tiers as established by id Software in the early 90’s. While the shotgun’s viability is usually in close-quarters combat, or as a last-ditch weapon once […]

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