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Destiny 2 Down for Scheduled Maintenance, Bungie Implementing Update 1.1.2 News 1

News 1 Destiny 2 Update 1.1.2 is soon to be rolled out across all platforms. The downside is that this will require four hours of maintenance. Take a look at the schedule below for a clear idea of when to expect services to return to normal. Destiny 2 will be brought offline today (1/30) for server maintenance in […]

Xbox Deals With Gold: Fallout 4, Forza Horizon 3 & More News 0

News 0 A new batch of Xbox Deals With Gold are now live and running through February 6. Big discounts are available on Xbox One games, with Xbox 360 deals “coming soon.” Read on for the full list of games included in the sale: Xbox One Deals 2Dark* Xbox One Game 80% DWG Death Squared* Xbox One Game […]

Videos Showcase All Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Characters & Alternate Costumes News 0

News 0 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches today in the US, bringing our favorite characters together for an epic battle. The game is chock-full of familiar faces, packing in main characters from across the franchise. In addition to this, each character has their own set of alternate costumes. There’s a lot to unlock here! Get a preview of […]

Here Are Five Must-Know Tips for SOS, the New Survival Game News 1

News 1 I’ve been playing a lot of SOS. It’s super addicting, and every round is a surprise. Following a weekend of play, I’ve put together a video detailing five must-know tips, which will help you survive the island and get the win. Click “Play” to give it a watch! For a quick rundown of what the game […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Player Count Keeps Rising, Causes Suspicion Within the Community News 2

News 2 I visit the Call of Duty subreddit on a daily basis, and constantly see updates about the rising Black Ops 1 player count. At first, I put it down to Xbox One backwards compatibility, and players who were returning to the original game in anticipation of Call of Duty 2018, which is rumored to be Black Ops IV. But then the […]

Earn £50,000 by Completing These Monster Hunter: World Real-Life Bounties News 0

News 0 With over five million Monster Hunter: World players taking down creatures in-game, Capcom clearly feels it’s time to turn the difficulty up a notch. The publisher is now offering £50,000 to anyone that proves the existence of a mythical beast. Judging the evidence will be cryptozoologist Jon Downes. If several people submit “comprehensive evidence,” then the £50,000 […]

Facebook Gaming Creator Program Is Live, Here’s How to Apply News 0

News 0 Facebook has officially kicked off its new Gaming Creator program, and is welcoming new applicants to use to the service. Compared to Twitch, the Gaming Creator program has the advantage of already having access to the Facebook community. It should, at least in theory, make it easier for creators to be discovered. Here are the […]

New Borderlands Game Will Feature Elon Musk’s Flamethrower News 0

News 0 We don’t know all that much about the upcoming Borderlands game, with Gearbox Software and 2K Games remaining tight-lipped, for the most part. There have been hints that 90 percent of the studio is working on Borderlands 3, and Gearbox job listings for an “unannounced AAA FPS/RPG hybrid” have been spotted, but other than that, little is known. However, thanks […]

Monster Hunter: World Sales Figures Show Huge Success, Smashing Previous Records News 0

News 0 Monster Hunter: World has launched on PS4 and Xbox One, and the general consensus is that it’s a great game. We gave it a very high score in our review, and other outlets are singing its praises, also. However, not all great games sell well. Some titles can release at a bad time, fail due to […]

Report: PS4 Users Are Downloading Monster Hunter: World for Free (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: The OzBargain listing has been marked as “Expired.” Congratulations to the lucky ones who got a free game! (Assuming you weren’t all lying!) Original Story: It seems like some PS4 users are having a very happy Monday, nabbing free copies of Monster Hunter: World via a multi-use voucher code. The code has been posted on OzBargain, […]

SOS Battle Royale Gameplay Proves a Lone Wolf Can Be Deadly News 0

News 0 SOS is a game that encourages teamwork and communication. Forming an alliance is often the best way to find loot and ultimately win. However, a lone wolf can be just as effective, as proven in the video above. Click “Play” to give it a watch! For a quick rundown of what the game is about, check […]

Battlefront II Clone Wars Content to Have Exclusive Playlist, Design Director Teases Obi-Wan News 0

News 0 Star Wars Battlefront II‘s design director is one of the more vocal members of the EA DICE development team. Dennis Brannvall consistently responds to player questions through Twitter, often revealing new information being shared for the first time. I don’t know what EA thinks about that, but I’m all for it! The latest revelations include a […]

Report: Rumored PS Plus February 2018 Lineup Is False, Fake Image Creator Comes Forward News 0

News 0 I’ve got some bad news for those PS Plus subscribers who were looking forward to the February 2018 lineup of games. It seems like the image which was doing rounds on Reddit, and also attracted the attention of other media outlets, is actually fake. Reddit user Phoenix_Gaming1 claims he created the image as “a joke on […]

Rainbow Six Siege Standard Edition to Remain $40, Ubisoft Attempts to Calm Community News 0

News 0 Yesterday’s double whammy of controversial upcoming Rainbow Six Siege changes received an unsurprisingly negative response from the community. The combination of a price hike and the introduction of loot boxes was quickly called out by players, forcing Ubisoft to rethink its approach. Well, in just a single day, Ubisoft has confirmed that the Rainbow Six Siege Standard Edition will now […]

Sea of Thieves Kraken, Ship Customization, Harpoons & More Discovered in Datamined Files News 0

News 0 If you’re a closed beta participant, who’s been hunting for the rumored Sea of Thieves kraken, know that you’re not alone. I know of many players searching for the beast, including myself, who have tried and failed to find the mythical monster. If you’re disappointed about the limited content found within the beta, and concerned that the […]

We Play SOS, With Its More Unique Take on Battle Royale News 0

News 0 SOS is now available through Steam Early Access. It provides a more unique take on the battle royale experience, with players encouraged to not only win, but to also be entertaining. Click “play” on the video above for a better look and understanding! For a quick rundown of what the game is about, check out the […]

Xbox Players Blame Lack of Betas for Monster Hunter: World Multiplayer Issues (Update) News 13

News 13 Update: PS4 players are also reporting similar problems. However, the Monster Hunter Twitter account has yet to acknowledge this. Original Story: It’s no secret that Xbox players received the short end of the stick when it came to Monster Hunter: World beta participation. In fact, those on Microsoft consoles didn’t get any opportunities to try out the game before […]

Fortnite Party Issues to Be Fixed Later Today, More Downtime Expected (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: Epic Games has confirmed that a fix has been implemented, and that players should see full functionality return to the game. Success! It looks like our fix worked and players should begin seeing full functionality returning to their social features. We know you’ve missed your friends, and they’ve missed you. Find your friends and […]

Here’s All PUBG Known Issues, List Created to “Improve Transparency and Communication” News 0

News 0 A new “PUBG Known Issues” list can be found on the game’s official forums. The developer will be updating it with new problems, as they’re discovered. The list is “an effort to further improve transparency and communication between [PUBG] players and developers.” Keen PUBG players should bookmark the list, as it will “be regularly updated to keep [players] informed […]

Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.2 Features a Huge Number of Improvements News 0

News 0 Square Enix has released the “preliminary” set of patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.2. There is a huge number of changes and improvements coming with this patch, with “adventurers of every persuasion are sure to find something to enjoy in this exciting new update.” The patch notes are marked to show which new content is […]

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