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First Look at Battlefield Hardline’s High-Speed Chase Multiplayer Mode, Hotwire – New Trailer News 33

News 33 New to the Battlefield franchise, Hardline is introducing a vehicle-focused game mode that puts thug cars and police cruisers in a high-speed chase over a constantly moving objective. Hotwire, as the game mode is called, seems ripped straight out of a scene from Bad Boys, as far as the new trailer goes, and is sure […]

New Battlefield Hardline Details – Beta on All Platforms, 150 Ranks, No Visual Recoil, and More News 62

News 62 Previous reports from an interview with Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papoutsis suggested that Battlefield Hardline‘s second beta, coming in January, may only be open to users on next-gen consoles and PC. But Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users need not waste away in heartache. More recently, Papoutsis clarified that a Battlefield Hardline “Beta [is] […]

“That’s Cool” If You Don’t Think Hardline is a True Battlefield Game, Says Visceral GM News 62

News 62 Many of you have even said it right here in the comment sections of MP1st: “Hardline isn’t a true Battlefield game.” Whatever your verdict on the studio’s cops vs. criminals spin-off shooter is, Visceral Games general manager Steve Papoutsis is cool with it, as long as you’ve made up your mind after having played it. “There […]

Battlefield Hardline – Visceral Lead MP Designer on Asymmetrical Weapon Unlocks, New Gadgets, and Alligators News 34

News 34 Battlefield YouTube personality JackFrags caught Battlefield Hardline‘s lead multiplayer designer Thadeus Sasser at Gamescom 2014 to talk about some of the tweaks and improvements Visceral’s multiplayer design team has made since the last beta. Sasser touches on some of the new maps, modes, weapons, and gadgets coming to Hardline. He also explains what the studio has in the […]

Battlefield Hardline – New Screens and Details On Gameplay Improvements at Gamescom News 29

News 29 As Battlefield fans are getting their hands on Visceral Games’ cops and criminals shooter at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, new details are beginning to pour out of the expo, including specifics on new gameplay improvements since the Hardline’s last multiplayer beta. On the show floor, Visceral is offering hands-on time with two brand new game modes that general manager Steve Papoutsis introduced […]

Battlefield Hardline Rescue Multiplayer Trailer and 12 Minutes of Single Player Gameplay News 113

News 113 At Gamescom 2014, Visceral Games GM Steve Papoutsis addressed the crowd during EA’s media briefing to present new content from both Battlefield Hardline‘s multiplayer and single player. As seen on stage, below are two brand new Battlefield Hardline gameplay trailers highlighting the game’s new Rescue multiplayer mode and a full mission from the game’s single player campaign. Here’s […]

Here Are 10 More Ways Visceral is Improving Battlefield Hardline Based on Beta Feedback News 40

News 40 A new wave of tweaks and improvements to Battlefield Hardline have been presented by the team at Visceral Games, once again as a direct response to feedback gathered during the game’s first Beta last month. The first round of improvements was outlined two weeks ago in what the studio is has appropriately called the “Community’s Most Wanted List.” […]

Re-Live the Battlefield Hardline Beta With These Awesome Fan-Made Cinematics News 9

News 9 The first Battlefield Hardline multiplayer beta may have come to its conclusion, but within the short span of time that Battlefield fans were able to sink their teeth into Visceral Games’ new shooter, some pretty noteworthy video content has come out of it that should not so soon be forgotten. Battlefield and its community has always been […]

Battlefield Hardline Will Have “Plenty Of New Modes” and Unprecedented Map Variety, Next Beta Will “Showcase More” News 70

News 70 The Battlefield Hardline PC and PlayStation 4 beta has come to a close, but developer Visceral Games says there is still plenty to look forward to, including more multiplayer details over the next few months, as well as a second beta this Fall that will “showcase more.” “In the months ahead we’ll be revealing more details […]

Battlefield Hardline Beta Extended One Week on PlayStation 4 News 22

News 22 The war between cops and robbers wages on as Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral Games extends the multiplayer beta on the PlayStation 4 by another week. The studio, along with Sony, has announced that the PlayStation 4 beta will now end on Thursday, June 26 at 12:00PM PST. So if you haven’t yet, be sure to […]

Get ‘Instant Access’ to the Battlefield Hardline Beta on PC, Live Now News 30

News 30 After a week-long closed beta for their upcoming cops vs. criminals shooter on the PlayStation 4 and PC, EA and Visceral Games are now opening up Battlefeld Hardline testing to all PC users. You can get instant access right now by simply signing up at this link. According to the announcement, doing so will hook […]

EA Launches Official Battlefield Hardline Website, Unveiling on June 9, Launches Fall News 99

News 99 Following today’s earlier leaks, EA has launched the official website for their upcoming shooter, confirming “Battlefield Hardline” as the project’s official title and dropping some fancy new key art that once again suggests a focus on SWAT vs. criminals gameplay. The page also indicates that an official unveiling will take place during EA’s E3 2014 […]

“Battlefield Hardline” Leak Outs New Cops vs. Criminals-Themed Battlefield Game News 97

News 97 An info leak stemming from a recent Battlelog update suggest that a new EA shooter in development at Visceral Games will introduce the Battlefield series to a very different theater of war: Cops vs. Criminals. Allegedly dubbed “Battlefield Hardline,” the leak outs images portraying the game’s logo, weapons, unlocks, vehicles, locations, and more. It also suggests new game […]

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