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Team Fortress 2 And Left 4 Dead Collide In This Animated Short News 4

News 4 Ever wonder what it would be like if the highly popular Team Fortress 2 crossed-over into the world of Left 4 Dead? Well wonder no further as an inspiring animator who goes by the name of Nailbiter has created an amazing short, using the recently released Source Filmmaker. Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play first […]

10 Best New IPs of This Generation News 28

News 28 This is the first entry in MP1st’s weekly non-necessarily¬†multiplayer centric articles which we will begin featuring every Friday. In today’s article, MPst writer xGrahamDJx picks his top 10 new IPs of this generation. We hope you enjoy! A brilliant and successful new IP can affect an entire generation of games and game players; I consider […]


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