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Two AAA FPS Titles Go Digital, Modern Warfare 3 Hits XBL While Battlefield 3 Hits PSN News 10

News 10 Both Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and DICE’s Battlefield 3 hit the digital marketplace yesterday – the former on Xbox Live and the latter on the PlayStation Network. Xbox Live users can now purchase and download the digital version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for $39.99 (Size: 7.49 GB) by […]

Battlefield 3 Coming To PSN Next Week, Free Trial For Plus Members News 19

News 19 Battlefield 3 will be released on the Playstation Network next week. It was revealed on the latest Playstation Blogcast that Battlefield 3 will be available to download on the North American PSN next week after the store updates on Tuesday, April 24t. Battlefield 3 is currently already available on the European PSN. PlayStation Plus members will […]

PSN Down for Maintenance on April 16th for About 13 Hours News 16

News 16 Sony has announced today on the PlayStation Blog that the PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, April 16th. The maintenance will start at about 6:00am PDT / 9:00am EDT / 2:00pm GMT/ 9:00pm JST, and will end around 7:00pm PDT / 10:00 pm EDT / 3:00am GMT (April 17th) / 10:00am JST (April 17th). During the 13 hour […]

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Elite DLC to Release on April 12th News 6

News 6 Call 0f Duty Elite drops 4, 5, and 6 will release on April 12th for PS3 Modern Warfare 3 owners. Last month, on the latest episode of Roll Call, it was revealed that PS3 owners should expect drops 4 through 6 on or around April 12th. However, Activision’s Dan Amrich stated that the date was […]

Modern Warfare 3 Elite Drop ‘Overwatch’ Now Available on PS3 News 8

News 8 The third Call of Duty Elite drop, Overwatch, for Modern Warfare 3 is now available to PS3 owners to download. The map was released for Xbox 360 Owners on February 21st. If you’re a paid Elite player on the PlayStation 3, you can now install the third Elite drop through the in-game “store” option in […]

MW3 Black Box and Spec Ops Missions to Release “On or Around” April 12th for PS3 Elite News 18

News 18 Update:  Activision’s Dan Amrich on his Twitter feed stated that the dates below are not confirmed. Paid Elite subscribers on PS3 can expect the new map, Black Box, along with Special Ops missions, Black Ice and Negotiator on or around April 12th. In the latest episode of Roll Call, while Jay Frechette, Call of Duty […]

PlayStation Network Down for Maintenance Today News 8

News 8 In a few hours, the PSN will undergo a long scheduled maintenance, which was postponed from March 1, for about 14 hours. As detailed on the last post, these are the services that you won’t be able to access: PlayStation Store PlayStation Home Account Management Play online Sony explained, “unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already […]

Nexuiz Now Available on XBLA – Gameplay Videos News 7

News 7 Nexuiz, an arena-style FPS developed by Illfonic studios, is now available on the Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MS points and is soon to follow on the PlayStation Network and Steam. “Achieved with CryEngine 3,” Nexuiz is a fast-paced, 4v4 arena shooter that focuses on twitch reflexes and sharp shooting skills with an assortment of […]

[Updated] PSN Goes Down for Maintenance on March 1st News 11

News 11 Update #1: Sony announced, via the official PlayStation Twitter account, that tomorrow’s maintenance has been pushed back. The statement reads, “update: Tomorrow’s scheduled PSN maintenance has been postponed. We’ll update everyone once it’s rescheduled. Until then, game on.” Original Story: Sony revealed that the PlayStation Network will undergo a lengthy maintenance period on March 1st. While the maintenance […]

Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.08 Now Live on PS3 – Patch Notes News 19

News 19 The team behind Modern Warfare 3 has released patch 1.08, title update #8, on the PS3. Modern Warfare 3 receives its 8th title update on the PS3. The patch will set you back 22MB in memory (most common size). You’ll be prompted to download the patch, when you log in to the multiplayer portion of the game. The […]

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.08 on Feb 3 News 12

News 12 Robert Bowling has announced that the latest MW3 patch, 1.08, will available to PS3 users at 2AM. Bowling stated “The latest MW3 title update for PlayStation goes live at 2AM.” We know that Bowling usually refers to the PST time zone, so the patch is going live after midnight at 2am, February, 3rd*. Bowling explained that the patch “includes […]

PSN Down for Maintenance on Feb 2 News 5

News 5 Sony has announced on both the American and European PlayStation Blogs that the PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow for about 18 hours. The maintenance starts tomorrow, February 2nd, at 6am PST (2pm GMT, Feb 2nd) until midnight PST (7am GMT, Feb 3rd). All PAL territories will be affected along with the US. We can safely bet that the PSN in Canada and Mexico will be […]

Day One Patch Confirmed for Twisted Metal News 1

News 1 David Jaffe speaks about a day one Patch coming for Twisted Metal. Although Jaffe has stated that he hates day one patches, he confirms that there will be a day one patch for Twisted Metal. However, the patch will be “a very small download”. Not much details have been given out other than that it “fixes a […]

PlayStation Network will be Down for Maintenance Soon News 3

News 3 The PSN will be offline due to a scheduled maintenance later on today. On the PlayStation Blog, Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance from 8 am (Jan 19) until 9pm PST. During this period, you will not be able to access the following: PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP, and Media Go. PlayStation Network Account Management. PlayStation […]

MW3 First Collection of DLC Coming in March for Non-Elite News 15

News 15 Robert Bowling has just revealed via twitter that players with non paid elite subscription will be able to purchase the first collection of DLC in March. Bowling stated “ELITE subscribers get free monthly DLC content drops for MW3. In March, the first paid collection of DLC comes out for non-subscribers.” If history is any indication, the […]

Activision Retracts Statement Regarding DLC, PS3 Elite MW3 Users Back in Limbo News 26

News 26 A few hours ago, we reported on the fact that PS3 paid Elite owners will have access to the DLC maps before regular 360 owners. While our report was based on the info provided by one of Activision’s own, Mikey Vega, it appears that he has pulled back his statement by deleting the tweet our report […]

MW3 – PS3 Elite Paid Users Will Get DLC Before Regular 360 Users News 28

News 28 Update: Activision Retracts Statement Regarding DLC, PS3 Elite MW3 Users Back in Limbo. Activision customer support has shed some light on the release schedule of Modern Warfare 3’s DLC. In the last few years, Microsoft has had an exclusivity deal with Activision in order for Xbox Live subscribers to have Call of Duty DLC one month […]

Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack Now Available For Free on PSN News 6

News 6 Yesterday, Xbox 360 owners got a chance to download Battlefield 3’s Physical Warfare pack at no cost, which is now available on the XBL Marketplace. Today, PS3 owners will have a chance to do the same for free. The Physical Warfare pack was originally intended as exclusive content for those who pre-ordered Battlefield 3. It […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Patch Now Live – Big File Size Revealed News 25

News 25 Battlefield 3 patch is now available for PS3 players. Also, server maintenance on all platforms is underway. As we reported yesterday, PS3 Battlefield 3 owners should now be able to download Battlefield 3’s first major client side patch (Read full patch notes). The file size of the patch is 758 MB in North America and […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Owners Getting Free BF 1943 After All News 2

News 2 Battlefield 3 PS3 players will receive vouchers to redeem their free copies of BF 1943. Last month, we reported on the fact that there was no mention of BF 1943 on the final box art of BF3. Then, EA confirmed that the downloadable title was not going to be available to PS3 owners for free. […]

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