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Resident Evil 6 For PC Will Feature New Mode “The Mercenaries: No Mercy” News 5

News 5 Capcom has announced that the PC version of Resident Evil 6 will include a new and exclusive game mode called “The Mercenaries: No Mercy,” which will feature a higher number of players to increase the fun. Resident Evil 6 PC will be available as a digital download in North America on Friday March 22, 2013, […]

Get Black Ops 2, Halo 4 or Battlefield 3: Premium Edition for $39.99 on Amazon News 8

News 8 In what looks like to be either a boxing week or post-holiday “Video Games Clearance Sale,” Amazon is offering some of this year’s biggest titles like Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 for a discounted price, even including the Premium Edition of Battlefield 3 (Battlefield 3 + a Battlefield 3 Premium membership) and many more. […]

Resident Evil 6 – Predator, Survivors, Onslaught DLC Available Now, RE6 PC Release Date Announced News 7

News 7 As of yesterday, Resident Evil 6 players on the Xbox 360 platform can experience three exclusive new exciting online multiplayer modes for Resident Evil 6. In addition to the recently released DLC, Resident Evil 6 has a new title update out that’s live for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Details on the DLC and […]

Resident Evil 6 Gets Post-Launch DLC, Details Revealed News 14

News 14 Today, Capcom announced that their upcoming horror-action title Resident Evil 6 will be receiving post-launch DLC. These DLC packs will expand further on the multiplayer aspect of the title by adding new three brand new modes. All modes will support up to 6 players and will be using maps found in Mercenary Mode. Survivors Mode takes […]

Resident Evil 6 Demo Confirmed For September 18th News 7

News 7 Capcom has officially revealed the dates and details of the upcoming Resident Evil 6 demo. The demo will be arriving on September 18th for PS3 and Xbox Live Gold Members (25th for silver). The demo consists of three story campaign modes that can either be played Solo or you can take it online in Co-op […]

Resident Evil 6 – The Origin of 4-Player Co-op and the Fate of PvP Multiplayer News 2

News 2 Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayash reveals the origin of 4-player co-op in Resident Evil 6 and hints at plans for more player-versus-player action. “Just to make clear: We weren’t setting out to create this 4-player co-op experience,” Hirabayash told Game Informer in a recent interview. “That wasn’t the goal from the beginning, but we had all these stories that […]

In Other MP News – Nintendo To Lure CoD Audience to Wii U, EA Says F2P Is The Future, Halo 4 Vid & More News 21

News 21 Hey everyone, it is in a great honor to introduce a new MP1st segment “In Other MP News” that we will be experimenting with which we hope to turn into a weekly feature. We can’t possibly cover every single piece of news out there so I, and the rest of the staff have decided that […]

New Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer Details and Release Date News 14

News 14 More details about Resident Evil 6’s multiplayer co-op experience have surfaced since the recent reveal of a brand new trailer during Capcom’s Captivate event in Rome. First, if you haven’t checked out the new trailer, give it a glimpse right here: Other than the loads of scary monsters and zombies, you’ll also notice a revised […]

Resident Evil 6 Co-op: Do it Right, Capcom News 6

News 6 Resident Evil 6’s trailer reveal was a nice little late-winter bombshell, and the further affirmation of a mysterious 6-player cooperative mode has many survival-horror fans chomping at the bit. Resident Evil 5 is the highest-selling installment in the franchise, and its exemplary co-op mode has a great deal to do with that. With 2-player split-screen […]