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SCUF Impact Review – Double the Power, Double the Fun Reviews 0

Reviews 0 SCUF Gaming has continued to push the envelope when it comes to custom PlayStation 4 pads. This year’s evolution takes the form of the company’s flagship “SCUF Impact”, a controller that has gone through a cosmetic redesign to allow for more features to be added. Prior to the Impact, SCUF’s PS4 range only allowed for […]

SCUF Attending PAX West, to Offer Special Event Pricing on Controllers and Items News 0

News 0 In a press release, SCUF Gaming has announced that it will be attending next week’s PAX West in Seattle, Washington. What’s more, there’s going to be special guest streamers, and even a SCUF discount on controllers! Housed in the SCUF booth at Level 4, #323, fans will get a chance to meet the SCUF team, […]

Scuf Impact & Scuf Infinity 4PS Pro – We Review Scuf Gaming’s Latest PlayStation 4 Controllers Reviews 3

Reviews 3 Now over three years into the current console generation, the PlayStation 4 has a larger presence than ever in the console eSports scene and has become the home of popular first-person shooter games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Destiny. So, it’s about time that gamers on Sony’s platform were introduced to a more serious eSports controller that could […]

Hands On With The SCUF Infinity1 Controller For Xbox One & Giveaway Contest Details Reviews 12

Reviews 12 Last year, we reviewed Scuf Gaming’s debut professional controller for the Xbox One, praising the SCUF One’s ability to improve aiming and movement capabilities in any first-person or third-person shooter while making the whole gaming experience a lot more comfortable on the hands. Since then, the company has made a number of upgrades to their Xbox One controller model, developing new […]

SCUF Gaming Partners With Microsoft, Will License Tech To Xbox One Elite Controller News 13

News 13 SCUF Gaming, a long-time 3rd party provider of professional Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers to eSports communities around the globe, has announced a partnership with Microsoft and its upcoming Xbox One Elite Wireless controller. According to a recent press release, SCUF Gaming will license its technology to Microsoft and become the “official and exclusive Xbox […]

Product Review – The SCUF 4PS PlayStation 4 Controller Reviews 26

Reviews 26 With PlayStation becoming the new home of Call of Duty eSports and Sony securing early Call of Duty DLC launches starting with Black Ops 3, the temptation for fans of the series on Xbox to jump ship is at an all time high. Falling into this category myself, and as a long-time user of third-party Xbox controllers like the SCUF Hybrid […]

SCUF 4PS Competitive PlayStation 4 Controller Begins Shipping Next Month News 36

News 36 Scuf Gaming has narrowed down a launch date for the Scuf 4PS PlayStation 4 controller designed for competitive gamers in the first-person or third-person shooter scene. According to the latest press release sent to MP1st, the Scuf 4PS, originally announced last May, will begin shipping within the first two weeks of August with 14 unique front […]

Scuf One Xbox One Controller Review Reviews 4

Reviews 4 Scuf Gaming is making its 2014 return and is set on providing next-gen console gamers with an attractive alternative to the current line-up of first-party input devices. The console transition period is always a fascinating one. Both gamers and game developers alike look on as hardware and software manufacturers lift the curtain on their (hopefully) innovative new products while […]

Scuf Gaming Introduces the “SCUFONE” Xbox One Controller News 20

News 20 Scuf Gaming is back with the next-generation of competitive Xbox One gaming controllers. Introducing the “SCUFONE”, Scuf Gaming is offering the same professional-level features that their previous-generation controllers have become known for with the next-generation of customized Xbox One controllers. Wired or wireless, you’ll be able to personalize the color, thumb sticks, grips, paddles, and […]

SCUF Hybrid Xbox 360 Controller Review Reviews 15

Reviews 15 SCUF is a company all about innovation. Their gear has provided professional, hardcore, and even casual gamers alike with some of the best gaming experiences available on consoles this generation. While other console gaming hardware manufacture’s claim their designs to be miles ahead of their time, and to feature countless improvements over the original Xbox […]

SCUF Gaming Introduces the “SCUF Hybrid” For The Xbox 360 News 33

News 33 SCUF Gaming, who are known for their line of modified Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers that cater to first-person and third-person shooter games like Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, and Gears of War, are introducing an entirely new line of controllers that improves upon the original design called the SCUF Hybrid. The SCUF Hybrid […]