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Dead by Daylight Update Buffs Bloodweb, Tweaks Mystery Box Spawns & More News 0

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Dead by Daylight‘s latest patch, 1.8.2, has been released, buffs Bloodweb and tweaks the spawn rate for Mystery Boxes. Mystery Boxes previously spawned at every level; they now spawn at levels 3 and 5, and then every 5 levels after. In addition to this, Behaviour Interactive removed the Halloween themed lobby and menu music. Find […]

The Forest Update Targets Multiplayer Bugs, Draw Distance Issues & More News 0

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Endnight Games has released a new hotfix for The Forest, which focuses on fixing bugs that came up in last week’s v0.70 patch. If you’re using your own dedicated server, you’ll need to restart it with the latest version in order to be compatible with this new patch release. Find the full list of fixes […]

Overwatch Patch Lands on PTR, Makes Blizzard World Map Playable & More News 0

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Blizzard has released a new Overwatch patch for testing on the Public Test Region. It introduces a new map, Blizzard World, which celebrates several Blizzard universes. In addition to this, players will now be able to remove all bots from custom games. The patch also contains a load of bug fixes. For the full list of patch […]

Upcoming ARK Patch Will Add New More Powerful Turret, Tweak Stego Armor Plates & More News 0

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ARK: Survival Evolved‘s gameplay designer, Kayd Hendricks, has revealed that his team will be working on “adding a new, more powerful turret that’ll be able to replace about 4-5 of our current turrets.” The “BobCorp Automated Laterally Attenuated Nano-Cell Electronic Defense system” seems to be an overall bigger and better turret than those already in […]

Everybody’s Golf Update Adds International Tournaments, Improves Performance & More News 0

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A new patch for Everybody’s Golf  has been released. Update 1.10 adds International Tournaments and Turf War rewards. In addition to this, the overall game performance has been improved, and the ability to change gear from the menus has been implemented. It’s not immediately clear what the improved performance does, but we’ll be sure to […]

Dragon’s Crown PS4 Patch Feature Cross-Play and Cross-Save Functionality, Bug Fixes & More News 0

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Dragon’s Crown’s latest patch will introduce the chance to sell multiple items at once when attempting to sell at the magic shop, the ability to include Extra Pocket when resetting, and more. The PlayStation 4 version of the game, Dragon’s Crown Pro, is set to release February 8, 2018 in Japan. Patch 1.07 will implement cross-platform saves […]

Heroes of the Storm Patch Lands on PTR, Includes Overwatch’s Hanzo & More News 1

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A new Heroes of The Storm patch has been has announced. The latest update is currently available on the Public Test Realm until December 11. Hanzo, of Overwatch fame, is available to test the week of November 27. In addition to this, Blizzard has also added: performance-based matchmaking, several Hero balance changes, and more. For the patch highlights, see […]

Paragon Update Introduces a New Army, Phoenix Skins & More News 0

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Paragon‘s latest patch v.44.3 is rolling out today, implementing new Phoenix Skins, a new army and more. In addition to this, the “Pre-Winterfest Epic Mega Sale” has been brought back to celebrate the holiday season. 30% off all banners, emotes and skins between November 20 and November 27. For the patch highlights, see below: MONOLITH […]

League of Legends Patch Adds New Champion, Game Mode & More News 0

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Leauge of Legend‘s update 7.23 adds new Champion Zoe to the game, as well as a new game mode, and more. Here’s Zoe’s character description: Don’t be fooled by her childish appearance—Zoe is an ancient being, a cosmic messenger of Targon. When the Aspect of Twilight appears, she warps reality. Despite all this power, she often shirks […]

RuneScape Update Fixes Disconnect Issue, Removes “Pie” & More News 0

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RuneScape‘s latest patch has fixed crash caused by multitasking with other Windows applications, reduced memory usage of animation system and more. Find the full list of patch notes below: Graphical – The Skeletal Horror has now packed up his disco, leaving the environment behind him consistently lit. – The shadows on snow have been toned […]

H1Z1 Update Adds Combat Zone, Daily Challenges & More News 0

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H1Z1‘s November patch implements a new combat zone, which allows you to practice combat mechanics by spawning in with a full kit and no need to parachute. In addition to this, several bug fixes and general improvements have been made, including: the time of day has been adjusted to improve visibility, also the chance to […]

Total War: Arena Patch Improves Scoreboard UI, Tweaks Commander Power Limitation & More News 0

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The latest Total War: Arena patch fixes a long list of bugs including: an issue with artillery not turning, no longer allowing you to move and shoot with light artillery while they’re deployed, several crashing issues and more. In addition to this, Creative Assembly has also worked on: scoreboard UI improvements, matchmaking Bbalance – Commander […]

Latest EVE Online Updates Increase Gurista and Blood Raider Activity, Fix Bugs & More News 0

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The latest EVE Online updates increase Guristas and Blood Raider activity within high Security Status space, fix bugs and more. For the full list of EVE Online patch notes, see below: Features & Changes Missions & NPCs – The DED have reported an increase in Guristas and Blood Raider activity within high Security Status space. In EVE […]

Dota 2 Update Tweaks Bounty Rune XP, Implements Balance Changes & More News 0

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The new Dota 2 update reduces Bounty Runes base XP from 50 to 25 and increases the XP growth time from 5 minutes to 7. In addition to this, several balancing tweaks have been implemented including: Anti-Mage Mana Break damage reduced from 60% to 50%, Broodmother Level 10 Talent increased from +60 Spawn Spiderling damage […]

New Squad Update Includes “First Iteration of Modding Support” & More News 0

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The Alpha 9.15 patch has been released for Squad. This update works on fixing the Custom Servers browser displaying licensed servers, and implements initial support for modding. Alpha 9.15 is released! Get the scoop on Workshop support. — Squad (@JoinSquad) November 18, 2017 Find the full list of Squad updates below: – Fixed Custom Servers browser […]

LawBreakers Update Adds Season Rewards, Bug Fixes & More News 0

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Patch 2.1 for LawBreakers adds new “Season Rewards” for Boss Leagues Season 0, which can be exchanged November 30. In addition to this, various Boss League UIs have been fixed, and more. You can find the full list of LawBreakers patch notes below: – Season Rewards added for Boss Leagues Season 0. These rewards can be redeemed […]

Dead by Daylight Update Features Balance Tweaks, Bug Fixes & More News 0

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Dead by Daylight has received a small hotfix which targets a disconnecting issue while moving to a lobby with a Survive With Friends group. Find the details for hotfix 1.8.1A below: – Fixed an issue causing players to disconnect from the server while transitioning to a lobby through a Survive With Friends group This follows […]

Path of Exile Patch Fixes Scorching Ray Crash, Adds Support for 3.1.0 Supporter Packs & More News 0

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Path of Exile‘s latest patch adds support for the 3.1.0 supporter packs, as well as 3D art for Eber’s Unification, Inya’s Epiphany, Volkuur’s Guidance and Yriel’s Fostering. In addition to this, Grinding Gears Games has implemented a “pre-patch” for the 3.1.0 expansion to reduce the download size/time when the expansion hits. For the full list […]

Upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Update Will Bring a Huge Amount of Balance Changes News 0

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A new patch for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be available from December 5. This update includes a huge list of fighter tweaks, as well as balance changes to the Infinity Stones. There’s an enormous list of patch notes, so we’d advised using the “Find” function and searching your main character/s to easily find their […]

ARMS Patch Adds New Fighter Misango, New Online Event & More News 0

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Nintendo has released a new ARMS patch, addingnew fighter “Misango”, and three new arms: “Scorpio,” “Skully” and “Glusher.” In addition to this, a new stage  and new online event have been added. The online event “Party Crash” rewards you with badges and in-game prize money. The more you play Party Crash the faster you’ll level up. Alongside […]

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