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CES 2018: HTC Vive Pro Revealed With Improved Design & Resolution, Wireless Adaptor Provides New Level of Freedom News 0

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Following its teasing on Twitter, HTC has unveiled the HTC Vive Pro, a new VR headset that features an overhauled design and high(er)-res display. Focusing on the display, the Vive Pro includes “dual-OLED displays for a crisp picture resolution of 2880 x 1600 combined, a 78% increase in resolution over the current Vive HMD.” Ergonomically, […]

CES 2018: Nvidia Big Format Gaming Displays Revealed: 65″, 4K, 120Hz, HDR, G-Sync, Shield & More News 0

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What do you get when you combine all of the latest must-have display technologies into one gigantic 65″ monitor? The answer is Nvidia BFGD. That is: Big Format Gaming Displays. Announced before, and to be showcased during, CES 2018, these monsters boast 4K, 120Hz, HDR and G-Sync. They’re also compatible with Nvidia Shield, meaning games […]

Star Trek Online Update Introduces Winter Event, Foundry Functions Return & More News 0

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Star Trek Online‘s latest event adds the new winter event, reintroduces foundry function, makes several bug fixes, and more. For the full list of patch notes, see below: Winter Event: – Q has returned to begin this year’s Winter Event! – Fight the Kramp’lhri as he terrorizes Winter Event celebrators throughout the zone! – Go […]

Dirt 4 Update Brings Clubs Functionality & More Fixes to All Platforms News 0

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Codemasters has released a new update for DiRT 4, across all platforms. The latest patch adds new support for Thrustmaster TS-XW and Thrustmaster Sparco R383. In addition to this, functionality for Clubs has been implemented, improved stability, and more. Find the full list of updates below: – Improvements to AI in all disciplines – Brutal […]

World of Tanks Update Adds New War Story, Multi-Base Assault Game Mode & More News 0

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The latest World of Tanks patch is now live for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. It adds a new Multi-Base Assault game mode, which is available to play in Team Training and Tournaments on the following maps: Ghost Town, Cliff – Winter, Mines, Mines Rain and Liberty Falls. For the new features, maps and […]

Hearthstone Update Launches Kobolds & Catacombs Expansion, Now Live and Ready to Play (Update) News 0

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Update: While the patch is out, the expansion launch is scheduled for these times: Americas Region: December 7 12:00 PM PST Asia Region: December 8 9:00 AM KST Europe Region: December 8 05:00 AM CET Original story: Hearthstone‘s latest patch launches the new expansion, Kobolds & Catacombs, which is rolling out now. The expansion includes: […]

Black Desert Online Update Provides Early Access to Mystic Customization, New Events & More News 0

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The latest Black Desert Online patch implements the Mystic Beauty Contest, Mystic Pre-Registration Event, and more. In addition to this, several classes have had bug fixes. For the event highlights, see below: Event – Mystic Beauty Contest – Create a Mystic template, upload it to the Beauty Album, and have a chance to win big! […]

League of Legends Update 7.24 Features Health Bar Overhaul, New Snowdown Skins & More News 0

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League of Legends patch 7.24 features an ad nerf to Yorick, a passive buff to Darius, a Q nerf to Ezreal, big changes to the health bar, Snowdown skins, and more. You can watch the patch highlights below: Preceding the patch notes is a note from the developer: It’s the final (sort of) patch of […]

StarCraft II Update 4.1.0 Adds New War Chest, Co-Op Changes & More News 0

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StarCraft II‘s latest patch brings a new War Chest for players to buy. It contains “over 80 new cosmetics including skins, portraits, emoticons, and new this season, console skins.” There’s a bunch of bug fixes and other improvements, too! Find the patch highlights below: General – War Chest: Katowice 2018 will be available for purchase […]

Call of Duty: WWII Winter Siege Event Detailed, Features New Loot, Free Map & More News 1

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Sledgehammer Games will be celebrating the holidays by hosting the first Call of Duty: WWII community event. Named “Winter Siege,” the event will run from December 8 right through to January 2. Players can expect “new winter-themed content, a free Winter Carentan multiplayer map, double XP playlists, and a festive new HQ.” Prepare for a Frosty Fight […]

New Divinity Original Sin II Update Is “Chock Full” of Fixes & Updates News 0

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Divinity: Original Sin II‘s latest patch is now live and comes loaded with a ton of bug fixes. In fact, the developer describes the update as being “chock full” of improvements. For the changes, improvements and bug fixes, see below: Changes and improvements – Added a toggle in the options menu to automatically add certain […]

Overwatch Update Hits PTR With Genji Tweak, Additional Bug Fixes & More News 0

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Overwatch’s latest PTR patch adds green detailing on Sparrow Genji’s sword when the golden weapon variant is equipped, and many bug fixes which focus mainly on heroes. For the full list of updates, see below: HERO UPDATES Genji – Added green detail textures on Sparrow Genji’s sword scabbard when the golden weapon variant is equipped […]

Forza Motorsport 7 Update Adds Leagues, New Custom Race Options & More News 0

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The latest Forza Motorsport 7 update is now live for PC and Xbox One, bringing Leagues, additional Custom Race options, and more. It also fixes several problem,s, including: issues with player hitting an invisible wall on Rio, an issue with the Forza Rewards scores not updating correctly, and more. In addition to this, support has been […]

Latest RuneScape Update Implements a Long, Long List of Improvements News 0

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RuneScape‘s latest patch has been released, fixing a long, long list of bugs. For the list of graphical, interface and skills, D&Ds and minigame changes, see below: Graphical – Fixed an animation issue with crystal chimes. Interface – The Bank will now reliably remember the custom withdraw-x setting. – The Bank will now reliably show […]

Destiny 2 Update 1.1.0 Is Now Live, Adds Curse of Osiris DLC & Other Big Changes (Update) News 0

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Update: Full patch notes have been released by Bungie, and it’s a big one! Destiny 2 Update 1.1.0 – The one about Curse of Osiris Sandbox Abilities General Increased the damage dealt to bosses from Super abilities Adjusted the output of the Recovery stat so that characters with the lowest Recovery totals will start regenerating […]

Heroes of the Storm Update Lands on PTR, Implements Balance Changes & Bug Fixes News 0

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Blizzard has released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm on the PTR, making several changes to Hanzo’s abilities, including: increased damage with the Storm Bow, Scatter Arrow and more. For the full list of Heroes of the Storm patch notes, see below: Hanzo Stats  – Basic Attack damage increased from 160 to 176 Abilities […]

Steep Update Allows DLC Activities to Be Bought With In-Game Currency, Improves Gameplay & More News 0

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Ubisoft is rolling out a new patch for Steep, across all platforms. The patch introduces the opportunity to perform a lot more tricks while grinding, including: Rotations, Nose press and Tail press. You can also combine rotations with both Nose and Tail press, and more. In addition to this, you can now purchase Steep DLC activities (Sled, […]

Ark Update Now Live on PC, Adding Heavy Turret & Doubled Tek Turret Damage News 0

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The latest patch for ARK: Survival Evolved is now rolling out on PC, which adds Heavy Turrets and more. You can find the full list of patch notes below: – Added “Heavy Turret”, which packs approximately 4 times the power of a regular Turret and has faster tracking, but uses 4 Ammo per shot. On […]

WoW Patch 7.3.5 Hits PTR, Allied Race Racials and Mounts Detailed News 0

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World of Warcraft‘s latest patch is now available on the PTR. Update 7.3.5 focuses on Allied Race Racials and mounts. Find the list of Allied Race Racial highlights below: Lightforged Draenei The Lightforged Draenei are a new Alliance Allied Race coming in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Racials – Light’s Judgement – Call down a […]

Fifa 18 Update Now Available on PC, Targets Issues Across All Modes News 0

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EA has released a new patch for FIFA 18, available to download on PC. This update makes a bunch of changes across all game modes. Several issues have been addressed with the gameplay, including: a freezing issue which happened in some situations during the celebration of a goal, and more. For the full list of […]

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