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Valve Reveal Pt. 1 – Standalone SteamOS Available Soon, Next Reveal on Wednesday News 17

News 17 Those looking for an official SteamBox will have to wait a bit longer. Today as apart of their three-stage reveal, Valve released details for its standalone operating system called SteamOS. Built on top of the Linux architecture, SteamOS promises to provide developers with “significant performance increases in graphics processing” and let users “alter or replace […]

All Call of Duty: Ghosts Achievements and Trophies News 97

News 97 Check out the entire list of Xbox 360 achievements and PlayStation 3 trophies for Infinity Ward’s upcoming blockbuster FPS, Call of Duty: Ghosts. Of course, with the next-generation Xbox and PlayStation right around the corner, we can’t quite tell if the same achievements/trophies will apply to the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 versions of Call of Duty: […]

Report – GTA Online Coding Hints At 32 Player Cap And Game Modes [Updated] News 46

News 46 Update Rockstar has commented on the 32-player rumor, confirming that “GTA Online will support 16 players.” Original Story Despite Grand Theft Auto V’s online portion of the game, GTA Online, being just a few days away until its October 1 release date, it appears that information regarding game modes and player count has been recently […]

Watch Battlefield 4 Running on the PlayStation 4 Media 148

Media 148 After waves of spectacular, jaw-dropping PC footage from events like E3 and Gamescom, Battlefield 4 fans finally get their first sighting of the game running on next-generation console hardware. A user on who goes by the name “Random” recalled his experience playing Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 during TGS 2013, reporting that “there’s just nothing […]

New Battlefield 4 Battlelog Screens Show Off Assignments, BattleScreen, Missions and More Media 26

Media 26 Battlefield 4 developers DICE are taking to the studio’s official blog yet again to detail some new and exciting BF4 goodness. Today, we’re getting a much clearer look at the new and improved Battlelog, DICE’s social stat-tracking service that was first introduced in 2011 alongside Battlefield 3. As you can see, it’s getting a bit […]

Takedown: Red Sabre – New Launch Trailer, Serellan Announces Delay on Xbox Live Marketplace Media 2

Media 2 Takedown: Red Sabre, the tactical, team-based FPS from Serellan studios, launches today, but only on Steam. Originally planned to launch on both Steam and the Xbox Live Marketplace, the studio recently had to announce a delay for the XBLA version due to some unforeseen bugs which were spotted at the last minute. In a forum […]

Steam Launches Teaser Website For Unannounced Hardware News 11

News 11 “The Steam Universe is Expanding in 2014″, reads the header on Steam’s brand new teaser site meant to gain excitement for the company’s upcoming announcement, which Valve Co-Founder Gabe Newell teased at this year’s LinuxCon. The site, which you can visit for yourself right here, pictures a blue sun in the center (featured image) with some […]

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gets an Action-Packed Multiplayer Trailer Media 6

Media 6 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is bringing back its trademark deceptive and deadly multiplayer this Fall, now set in the Caribbean with a whole new cast of interesting characters. To get you pumped, Ubisoft has launched a brand new multiplayer trailer showing off some of the new locales, as well as the deadly assassin’s of […]

GTA 5 Breaks Entertainment Record, Earns $1 Billion In First Three Days of Release News 34

News 34 Grand Theft Auto 5 has become the biggest selling entertainment property worldwide, ever. On the first day of GTA 5′s release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 across all countries except Japan and Brazil last Tuesday, September 17, publisher Take-Two announced over $800 million in sales generated. Two days later, and the epic sandbox […]

Black Ops 2 Treyarch Community Update – Apocalypse DLC Free Trial, Double Weapon XP Weekend, and More Media 7

Media 7 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 may finally be on the tail end of its life cycle, but that doesn’t mean the studio behind the blockbuster FPS is without a plan to keep you engaged in some fun activities. Yesterday, Treyarch put together a small community update video detailing some of the upcoming Black Ops […]

Takedown: Red Sabre Co-Op Developer Walkthrough Media 7

Media 7 Looking to classic PC shooters like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon for inspiration, Serellan Studios hopes to bring back the more unforgiving, tactical and team-based FPS gameplay of old with their upcoming PC and Xbox Live Arcade title, Takedown: Red Sabre. Giving you a better look at some of the more team-oriented aspects of the […]

GTA 5 Earns $800 Million on First Day, Beating Out Black Ops 2 In Day-1 Sales News 124

News 124 As you may have guessed, Grand Theft Auto 5 made a lot of money on its first day of release. Publisher Take-Two estimates the game, which launched on September 17 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 world wide, except for Japan and Brazil, has reached $800 million in sales on its first day out […]

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