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Titanfall’s First Generation 10 Pilot Emerges News 47

News 47 A Reddit user who goes by the name DownTuClown is claiming to be the “world’s first Generation 10 pilot” in Respawn Entertainment’s recently launched shooter, Titanfall. According to his stats, DownTuClown has racked up 3 days, 9 hours, and 5 minutes of playtime upon reaching the final Generation, similar to that of Call of Duty’s final Prestige level. […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One Patch Now Live News 13

News 13 Infinity Ward has updated Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One for the second time this month. The new patch will set you back roughly 1.5 GB in memory. Infinity Ward has yet to release the patch notes at the time of writing. However, it should be noted that the studio recently released a […]

Game Rentals Appear On The PlayStation Store News 99

News 99 It seems that Sony may have snuck in a new feature to the PlayStation Store. For those who may not have noticed, the PlayStation Network received an update today that was originally scheduled for last Tuesday. The reason for the delay was that there was a bug in the system. However, it appears another reason […]

Titanfall – Originally Not Planned for Xbox One, Xbox 360 Version ‘Getting Better Every Day’ News 39

News 39 While Respawn Entertainment’s recently launched shooter is highly touted as the poster boy for Microsoft’s Xbox One console, Titanfall wasn’t always planned to launch on the platform. “Originally we weren’t planning on an Xbox One version of the game,” said Respawn lead engineer Richard Baker to Digital Foundry. However, the studio came to realize that optimising the game for […]

Rumor – Mirror’s Edge 2 Will Have An ‘Open World Multiplayer Playground’, According to Insider News 25

News 25 If the latest rumors are to be believed, Digital Illusion CE’s sequel to the unique free-running game, Mirror’s Edge, will include a “multiplayer playground” within its always online open world. The info comes from “verified sources”, says Rocketchainsaw, who states that part of Mirror’s Edge’s open world environment will include include “a persistent, ‘always online’ component.” […]

“When You Push Innovation, You Miss Other Things” – EA on Battlefield 4 Issues News 66

News 66 A few days ago, the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, took the stage at the SXSW event in Austin to show off Titanfall and reflect on previous titles published under the company. “Building games is very hard… when you push innovation, you miss other things. We’ve changed our process,” Wilson stated in response to […]

Will Titanfall Kill Call of Duty? Editorials 66

Editorials 66 For the second time in his career, video game developer Vince Zampella walks an unfavorable path potentially leading him to the figurative death of some of his most accomplished work – the death of Call of Duty. Now head of Respawn Entertainment, Zampella finds himself in a unique position that not many developers, if any […]

EA Rep Confirms Battlefield 4 Console Rent-a-Server Coming “Soon” News 39

News 39 Rentable Battlefield 4 servers are confirmed to be making their way to consoles “soon”, according to an EA representative. Over on the Battlelog forums, a user inquiring about rentable Battlefield 4 servers on consoles had his question answered by an EA rep who goes by the name “EA_Stiv”. “Indeed, it is coming,” the rep said. […]

EA CCO On Battlefield Complainers News 141

News 141 Electronic Arts chief creative officer, Rich Hilleman, had some interesting and rather frank words to say about gamers who constantly complain about games like DICE’s Battlefield 4. Recorded at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business last September, Hilleman spoke about his position at EA, what it entails, and what his responsibilities are. At one […]

Here Are Titanfall’s Digital Release Times – Xbox One and PC News 26

News 26 Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the game’s unlock times for digital adopters of the studio’s sci-fi shooter. Fans will be able to purchase the Titanfall digitally on either the Xbox One and PC, the latter giving users the option to preload the game onto their platform early. If you missed it, Origin users also […]

Titanfall – Confirmed Weapons and Xbox One Final Controller Layouts News 21

News 21 More Titanfall details surface as we learn about the game’s complete list of weapons and Xbox One controller layouts. First up: Primary, secondary, Titan, and anti-Titan weapons and ordinance. We posted official weapon details earlier, but thanks to Redditor The_Dumber, we’ve now got the complete list with new images and descriptions of each. Check them out: Primary Sidearms […]

Microsoft Tease “The Future of Titanfall” Announcement This Monday News 95

News 95 Updates: Vince Zampella reacted to this news on Twitter, “for those asking about the ‘future of titanfall’ announcement, I’m confused as to what that is. We did not sell tf to MS.” Zampella had a chance to speak with G4′s Geoff Keighly, who’s also involved in the Austin event. And, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment […]

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