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Rent a Battlefield 4 Server on Console Now, “Death Shield” Bug Fix Incoming [Updated] News 49

News 49 Battlefield 4 users on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 will be able to rent their very own server starting today as developer DICE rolls out their Rent-A-Server program. It will allow users to purchase their own server to rent, customize, and publish for others to play on. You’ll be able to […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Is Free To Play This Weekend on PS4 and PS3 News 56

News 56 Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer will be free to play this weekend for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users. The free demo launches this Friday, May 2, at 10am Pacific and goes through to Monday, May 5, at 10am Pacific, writes Infinity Ward. You’ll get access to three of Ghosts’ most popular game modes, including Team […]

Amazing Battlefield 4 Fan-Made Film Is a Cinematic Experience You Don’t Want to Miss Media 25

Media 25 Simply put, we are blown away by this fan-made Battlefield 4 film called “Through My Eyes” that was recently brought to our attention. Throw on some headphones, turn up the resolution, full-screen it up, and give this bad boy a good viewing. The camera work is impeccable, the music is effective, the editing is astounding, […]

Bungie on PC Version of Destiny – “Not a Thought We Can Spend Time Thinking About Right Now” News 92

News 92 But the studio does “look forward to [their] future conversations around PC,” COO Pete Parsons said, cryptically, when asked about the possibility of the console shooter coming to PC. “We love the PC. We hear it too. We ask the question of ourselves,” he told Eurogamer during a studio tour. Destiny is headed to PlayStation […]

New Destiny Gameplay – The Devils’ Lair Media 30

Media 30 Yesterday’s teases come full circle in a fresh new PlayStation 4 gameplay video from Bungie showing off their upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny. It offers a brand new look at some of the action you’ll face in Destiny as this Fireteam of three venture off on a mission to ‘infiltrate the Devils’ lair’. It highlights some of […]

New The Division Screen Shows Off Female Character Model Wielding a Badass Sniper Rifle News 14

News 14 A brand new screen for Massive Entertainment’s upcoming open-world shooter, The Division, surfaces, this time offering a look at something new. Departing from some of the more mundane teases, this new screen shows off The Division’s female character model fully equipped and ready for action. You can see she’s wielding a pretty badass sniper rifle […]

More Destiny News Drops Tomorrow, New Teasers Media 11

Media 11 Destiny developer Bungie teases what’s to come in the very near future with a short Instagram video featuring heroic music and space ships. Judging by the on-screen “PRESS X TO PLAY”, it might also be our first look at Destiny’s start menu. The studio writes, “Tomorrow, witness the formation of a Fireteam.” As some of you […]

Destiny GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Outed – “Exclusive Upgraded Sparrow” Rumors 15

Rumors 15 According to posters being handed out with recent Destiny pre-orders, it appears GameStop customers will be getting a bit of an in-game bonus item on launch day. The poster, submitted on Reddit, reads, “Pre-order now and boost your adventure with an exclusive upgraded Sparrow”. As you can see, it shows the “GameStop Exclusive” upgrade on the […]

Wear Master Chief’s Mark V Helmet in Destiny Rumors 19

Rumors 19 As if the developers at Bungie wouldn’t throw some sort of Halo reference into their upcoming shared-world shooter and new IP, Destiny. Reddit user Fuzzle_hc made the interesting discovery while digging through some of the most recent Destiny footage to have surfaced for more hints and clues. Check out the screen below where we see a Warlock, one of three […]

H-Hour – “Innovation We Have, And It’s Not More Epic Kill Streaks,” Says SOF Creative Director News 5

News 5 With H-Hour: World’s Elite, SOF Studios aims clear of today’s modern military shooter, hoping to deliver a more traditional gameplay experience that brings back the intensity of classic shooters like SOCOM. But in today’s gaming landscape, littered with over-the-top Hollywood action shooters, H-Hour’s philosophy can be a tough sell. As it so happens, selling is the exact situation the higher-ups at […]

Bungie Has ‘Ways For You to Relive Your Finest Moments’ in Destiny PvP News 6

News 6 Skillful players will have ways to display their FPS prowess to others in Destiny‘s player vs. player multiplayer combat, but ‘only if you earn it,’ says Bungie. “Will other guardians recognize my skill in competitive PvP?” was one of the many questions asked in Bungie’s latest weekly update. “Only if you earn it, Guardian,” answered […]

Battlefield 4 – DICE VP & GM Writes Open Letter Regarding ‘New Higher-Performance Servers’ News 67

News 67 Battlefield 4 fans have been noticing a significantly improved online experience since yesterday’s EA server maintenance. Performance issues began shortly after the launch of Battlefield 4′s Naval Strike DLC and appear to have hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users the hardest. Many took to the forums and message boards to express their frustration while developer DICE promised […]

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