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SNK Allstar Controversial Advertisement Sees Terry Bogard Misrepresented News 0

News 0 Looks like things are far from “OK!” in the world of SNK and King of Fighters, as a very controversial advertisement for the mobile game SNK Allstar went online showing popular fighting game character Terry Bogard doing something very inappropriate — namely slapping the butts of Kula Diamond, Mai Shiranui, and Blue Mary. Here’s the […]

Borderlands 3 New Skill Tree for Moze and Zane Revealed News 0

News 0 With Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut coming out this November, 2K and Gearbox have revealed more skill tree sets for the other characters featured in the game! We already know what’s coming for FL4K and Amara, and this time, it’s Moze and Zane’s turn! In a new press release sent by the developers, here’s the new […]

Here’s Our First Look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie News 0

News 0 Tom Holland has shared via his Instagram page our first look as Nathan Drake for the upcoming Uncharted movie! Check out the photo below, and see if the MCU’s Spider-Man fits the bill as one of Sony’s most iconic video game character. Directed by Ruben Fleischer — who ironically directed the Venom movie in 2018 […]

Ubisoft Launches Ubisoft Connect, Serves as New Ecosystem for Ubisoft Players News 0

News 0 In what will certainly change the way Ubisoft games are played and experienced for the near future, Ubisoft has launched “Ubisoft Connect” — a new ecosystem that Ubisoft players can use and enjoy. As an overhaul of UPlay and Ubisoft Club, this new direction will serve as the new universal interface that Ubisoft players can […]

Balan Wonderworld Opening Movie Released By Square Enix News 0

News 0 Balan Wonderworld won’t be released until the first quarter of next year, but Square Enix and developers Balan Company and Arzest are eager to show more of the game to audiences worldwide. To that end, they’ve released the full opening movie of the game. Check out the introduction sequence, and get to meet the leads […]

PS5 Fan to Be Optimized Over Time by Online Updates According to Sony News 0

News 0 Worried about your PS4 fan wheezing by as if it’s going to explode? That might not be as big of an issue with the PS5. The PS5 Fan to be optimized over time by online updates according to Yasuhiro Ootori — Sony’s Vice President of mechanical design at Sony Interactive Entertainment. In an interview with […]

Xbox One Games Optimized for Xbox Series X on Launch Day Revealed News 0

News 0 Xbox One Games optimized for Xbox Series X on launch day have been revealed, as Microsoft has listed down 30 titles that will be ready to play and take full advantage of the system’s capabilities. Microsoft has listed 30 games that will be optimized on day one, with 20 of them taking advantage of the […]

New PlayStation Store Changes Revealed, PS3, PS Vita, and PSP Games No Longer Available News 0

News 0 New PlayStation Store changes have been revealed, as Sony is informing users that in addition to the new interface changes, PS3, PS Vita, and PSP Games will no longer be available in the store front. In an email sent by PlayStation, the details of the new changes happening for the web and mobile versions of the […]

Borderlands 3 Season Pass 2 Announced, Next-Gen Update Details Released News 0

News 0 Borderlands 3 season pass 2 has been announced by 2K and Gearbox in the game’s official website, detailing the next downloadable add-on content. Here’s the details on the next season, which will be released on November 10: Season Pass 2 will include two all-new downloadable content add-ons – Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut – plus brand new looks for all […]

Monster Hunter Movie First Trailer Shows Milla Jovovich Fighting Giant Beasts News 0

News 0 Monster Hunter Movie First Trailer has been released, showing the first action packed footage of Resident Evil films actress Milla Jovovich as Captain Natalie Artemis — who leads an elite team of military operatives as they fall into a portal and end up in a world filled with giant monsters. Here’s the first trailer released […]

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity New Trailer Shows Off The Enemies to Be News 0

News 0 A Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity new trailer has been released by Nintendo — showing off the enemies to be and offering glimpse into the story that acts as an official prequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here’s the new trailer, as shared by Nintendo’s Twitter page, which shows Master Kohgna […]

Rockstar Acquires Crackdown Dev Ruffian Games, Rebrands as Rockstar Dundee News 0

News 0 Rockstar acquires Ruffian Games — the British video game developer best known for developing Crackdown 2, and has rebranded the company as Rockstar Dundee. Named after the Scotland city where the company is based in, Ruffian has been working with Rockstar since last year and has been assisting them in developing their games according to […]

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Gets 22 Minute Gameplay Demo With Urbosa and Zelda News 0

News 0 Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has a brand new 22 minute gameplay demo video courtesy of the latest Nintendo Treehouse Live segment that just aired, and shows off the first gameplay footage of The Legend of Zelda characters Urbosa and Zelda in action. As an official prequel set 100 years before the events of The […]

Monster Hunter Movie Gets First Teaser, Release Date Set for December This Year News 0

News 0 Monster Hunter Movie has gotten its first teaser, and it shows Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich taking on another popular Capcom franchise — only this time she’ll be facing giant dragon like creatures that make her facing the living dead look like a walk in the park. Based on the best-selling multiplayer game franchise, the […]

Demon’s Souls Digital Deluxe Edition Detailed, Comes With New Items and Extras News 0

News 0 Demon’s Souls digital deluxe edition for PS5 has been revealed by PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games, showing off some new items and extras not found in the standard edition that fans can get when they purchase this special release of the game. A remake of the 2009 PS3 game, this special release will offer items […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Next DLC Fighter Revealed, Adds Minecraft Characters Steve, Alex, and More News 0

News 0 The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next DLC fighter coming to the game has been revealed, and it’s Steve, his female counterpart Alex, and the monster palette swaps Zombie and Enderman from the popular sandbox game Minecraft. Revealed during a special announcement trailer hosted by Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai, Minecraft is the latest video game […]

Killing Floor 2 Update 1.45 September 29 Adds Infernal Insurrection Details News 0

News 0 Tripwire Interactive has released the Killing Floor 2 update 1.45 today, adding the “Infernal Insurrection” event description as well as details on a new map, new weapons, new skins, and new daily objectives in addition to the improvements and bug fixes. Killing Floor 2 update 1.45 September 29 patch notes: Event Infernal Insurrection Terror in […]

Xbox Series X Load Times Show Impressive Speed for Backwards Compatible Games News 1

News 1 Here’s a closer look at some of the impressive Xbox Series X load times for titles that were built for the Xbox One, and gamers should be very pleased at how current-gen games are benefitting a lot with the new tech! Head on below for the list of games tested so far (via YouTuber Austin […]

Street Fighter 5 Dan Moveset Trailer Revealed by Capcom News 0

News 0 The Street Fighter 5 Dan moveset trailer has been revealed by Capcom during the first day of their special “Capcom TGS Live 2020” showcase, where the developers talked about upcoming updates and surprises awaiting some of their latest and most anticipated video game titles. Via the Capcom Channel YouTube Page, here’s the new Dan trailer […]

Amazon Luna Cloud Based Gaming Service Revealed, Early Access by Invitation Only News 0

News 0 Amazon Luna is a cloud based gaming service by Amazon, and formally revealed and announced in the company’s landing page — aims to work with instant play and has launched an invite-only early access initiative in North America. More MP1st Reading: Microsoft’s Acquisition of Bethesda Opens Up Many Possibilities According to some of the Frequently […]

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