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Battlefield 5 Weekly Challenges Chapter 6 Week 6 Gain Ground, End of Round Report Bug Fixed News 2

News 2 DICE has rolled out the Battlefield 5 weekly challenges and rewards for Tides of War Chapter 6 Week 6 called “Gain Ground.” Battlefield 5 Weekly Challenges Chapter 6 Week 6 – Gain Ground: When matchmaking through the nodes, you’ll be joining our Grind playlist: Grind Operation Underground Grind Rotterdam Grind Twisted Steel Grind Devastation Grind […]

Battlefield 5 Updates to Experience “Short Delays” Due to COVID-19 According to DICE News 0

News 0 The COVID-19 pandemic development continues to grow as many areas are now starting to be affected by it. More so recently,  E3 2020 has been cancelled due to it and now game developers are starting to take a hit at their home base. today, Battlefield developers, DICE, issued a statement on COVID-19, and how it […]

Battlefield 5 End of Round Report Bug Acknowledged by DICE News 0

News 0 Following yesterday’s big Battlefield 5 6,2 patch, some players might have experienced or seen the Battlefield 5 end of round report bug happening regardless of game mode. Well, thankfully, DICE has acknowledged this issue. First off, the big concern here is, are stats being tracked? Yes it is! A fix is being planned by DICE […]

Battlefield V Community Games Now Allows Tides of War Progression News 0

News 0 Are you someone who plays in private servers (called “Community Games” by DICE) in Battlefield V? If so, chances are you’ve noticed how DICE doesn’t let players who play Battlefield V Community Games to earn Tides of War progression — at least until today. In today’s big 6.2 patch, DICE not only rolled out a […]

Battlefield V Update 1.33 Released, Here’s the Full BFV 6.2 Patch Notes News 1

News 1 Battlefield V players, the patch you’ve been waiting for since last year is finally here! The Battlefield V update 6.2 has been released, and as announced by DICE, it brings the weapons/damage models back to what it was before! Console gamers will see this as Battlefield V update 1.33, and it contains a ton of […]

Former Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Producer “Fought Hard” Against BF5 Time to Kill Changes News 3

News 3 With the big Battlefield 5 6.2 patch releasing tomorrow, a lot of players are looking forward to the changes given they are reverting most weapon and damage models back to how it was (BF5 5.0 values according to DICE). For those not happy with the current BF5 time to kill (TTK), it seems the game’s […]

Battlefield 5 Update 6.2 Patch Notes Released Ahead of Title Update News 1

News 1 This is it, Battlefield 5 fans! DICE is rolling out Battlefield 5 patch 6.2 this Thursday, and it will have weapon changes that players have been asking for! Thankfully, DICE has released the Battlefield 5 update 6.2 patch notes ahead, so players can already know what’s coming. Battlefield 5 update 6.2 patch notes: What’s New? […]

Battlefield 5 Upcoming Weapon Changes in Patch 6.2 Will Revert Guns to “5.0 Values,” Recoil “Coming Back” News 1

News 1 Just yesterday, DICE detailed the Battlefield 5 upcoming weapon changes coming in patch 6.2, which is due next week. Thankfully, that’s not all the info we have regarding the weapon changes DICE has planned. On the Battlefield 5 subreddit, Community Manager Jeff Braddock has engaged some of the players in answering questions and clarifying a […]

Battlefield 5 Tank Customization Release Date Set for Patch 6.2, Here’s How It Looks and Works News 0

News 0 After more than a year gestating, players in Battlefield 5 will finally be able to visually customize their tanks! Today, DICE confirmed that Battlefield 5 tank customization release date will be included in patch 6.2 on March 4! Read up on how it works and sample visuals below (straight from DICE). How will Tank Body […]

Battlefield 5 6.2 Patch Weapon Changes Detailed by DICE News 1

News 1 With DICE announcing that Battlefield 5 patch 6.2 will most likely be released next week, the big news here is the weapon adjustments the studio will make that will affect the time-to-kill (TTK). Toady, DICE has announced the Battlefield 5 6.2 patch weapon changes! In the latest Community Broadcast, DICE Community Manager Jeff Braddock outlined […]

Battlefield 5 6.2 Patch Set for Next Week, Patch Notes Planned This Week News 0

News 0 While DICE has already talked a bit about some of the stuff coming in the Battlefield 5 6.2 patch, the studio has announced today that barring certification issues, the Battlefield 5 6.2 patch release date is set for next week! This was announced as part of the “This Week in Battlefield V” community announcement post, […]

Xbox One Battlefield 5 Servers Down Currently News 1

News 1 If you’re a Battlefield 5 player and you’re playing on Xbox One, chances are you can’t log in. Well, it’s not really DICE’s fault this time, as there is Xbox One Battlefield 5 servers down time happening worldwide. This has been acknowledged by the official Xbox Support Twitter account as well. We're aware that some […]

Battlefield 5 Squad Conquest Loading Issue Addressed by DICE News 1

News 1 With last week’s Battlefield 5 patch, DICE not only introduced the Chapter 6 content, but it also managed to break one of the game’s modes too. Currently, there’s a Battlefield 5 Squad Conquest loading issue, and DICE has addressed it. For those unaware, the Battlefield 5 Squad Conquest loading issue is a bug wherein the […]

Battlefield 5 Core Gameplay Designer Moving on to Next Project News 0

News 0 Following news that Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Producer David Sirland is moving on from the game and DICE to a new studio, it seems another core developer is moving on from Battlefield 5. Over on Twitter, Battlefield 5 Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan (username: Drunkkz3) casually mentioned that the Lunge Mine that’s available in Chapter […]

Battlefield 5 February Survey Now Up News 1

News 1 Battlefield 5 players, if you’re not happy with how the game has shaped up so far, here’s your chance to be heard directly by DICE! The Battlefield 5 February survey is here, and same as before, it touches on the maps, gameplay and more. Battlefield 5 February survey link Included in the survey are ratings […]

Battlefield 5 Crocodile Easter Egg Spotted, Watch It in Action News 1

News 1 With yesterday’s big Battlefield 5 patch, not only did we get a new map, a few new weapons, gameplay fixes and the like, but it seems that a new Battlefield 5 crocodile Easter egg was also part of the package! Spotted in the Chapter 6 new map Solomon Islands is a crocodile named “Max” and […]

Battlefield V Chapter 6 Weapons Accidentally Released Today, New Map Now Live News 1

News 1 With today’s big Battlefield V 6.0 patch that ushered in Chapter 6 of Tides of War, DICE not only brought in a slew of gameplay fixes and tech tweaks, but it also accidentally made the Battlefield V Chapter 6 weapons available already! For those familiar with the game, each chapter’s slew of new weapons and […]

Battlefield V Update Today Now Out, Here’s What’s in Patch 1.32 News 0

News 0 As expected from yesterday’s announcement, DICE has rolled out the Battlefield V update today, and it’s live now. Bringing in Chapter 6 of Tides of War, the patch introduces a new map, new weapons and gadgets, and a host of tweaks. Clocking in at 5.6GB on PS4, console gamers will see this as Battlefield V […]

Battlefield V Next Update Out Tomorrow, Here Are the Changes News 0

News 0 DICE has announced that the Battlefield V next update is due tomorrow, February 4! This will tbe the first patch for Battlefield V in 2020, and it brings a host of new content to usher in Tides of War Chapter 6 “Into the Jungle,” as well as gamerplay changes. Those wondering, this is Battlefield V […]

Battlefield V Multiplayer Producer Says Things Would Be “Different” If It Was Up to Him News 7

News 7 Released back in November 2018, Battlefield V has been met with mixed reactions from players even after more than a year of being out. With the latest major change being the time-to-kill (TTK) adjustments made by DICE, some players are understandably unhappy with how it is currently. Well, it seems even some of the people […]

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