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Battlefield 5 June Update Could Introduce 12 Weapons & Gadgets Based on Datamined Info News 1

News 1 As is with every big Battlefield 5 patch, a load of stuff gets datamined that points to future content for the game. With the Battlefield 5 June update being its last content drop, fans are expecting this to include more than just a new map, but also new weapons as well. Reliable dataminer temporyal has […]

Battlefield 5 Update Today May 12 Released, Here’s the Full Notes for 1.34 (BF5 6.6) News 0

News 0 True to their word per yesterday’s announcement, DICE has released the Battlefield 5 update today May 12. DICE calls this the BF5 6.6 patch, though console gamers will see this as Battlefield 5 update 1.34. While there’s no new content included, there are a bunch of gameplay changes across the board. Battlefield 5 update today […]

Battlefield V Update 6.6 Patch Notes & Release Schedule Revealed News 2

News 2 Back in March, DICE announced that the April update for Battlefield V will be rolled into the May one for a bigger update. Well, that patch is out tomorrow, May 12! In addition to the release times, the complete Battlefield V update 6.6 patch notes have also been revealed ahead of the patch’s launch. Battlefield […]

Nearly 50 Battlefield 5 Unreleased Weapons Listed and How Far They Were in Development News 0

News 0 With DICE announcing that the next Battlefield 5 content drop will be its last, some might be wondering what happened to some of the Battlefield 5 unreleased weapons that were datamined in the game’s files. As it turns out, there’s a TON of Battlefield 5 unreleased weapons that never saw the light of day! Why? […]

Battlefield V: What Went Wrong? News 19

News 19 Following DICE’s announcement last week that Battlefield V (also called Battlefield 5) will be getting “one more” standalone content update and that’s it, the Battlefield community has — understandably — voiced their displeasure at this news. With no new Battlefield game announced, it seems that for better or for worse, Battlefield fans will either need […]

Battlefield 5 Free Epic Soldier Set Spotted in Game Files; New Map Possibly Called “Al Marj Encampment” News 0

News 0 With DICE announcing earlier last week that Battlefield 5 will be getting “one more” standalone update before the new maps and weapons stop flowing, some might be wondering whether this means we won’t be getting anything at all. Well, based on the data files, we’re getting a Battlefield 5 free Epic soldier set at the […]

Battlefield 5 to Get “One More Standalone Update” and It’s Due This Summer News 0

News 0 With Tides of War Chapter 6 coming to a close later this month, some might be wondering what’s next for Battlefield 5. In a new post, DICE announced that there’s one more “standalone update” hitting the game this summer. According to Ryan McArthur, Senior Producer, this new Battlefield 5 major content drop will include weapons, […]

Battlefield 5 Weekly Challenge Reset – Chapter 6 Week #12 – Roll With the Punches News 1

News 1 While no new weapon is part of the reward, those curious about the Battlefield 5 weekly challenge reset, here are the list of challenges in store this week and what you’ll get for completing ’em. Called “Roll With the Punches,” this is the final Chapter 6 weekly mission! Battlefield 5 weekly challenge reset – Chapter […]

Battlefield 5 South Africa Servers Temporarily Reactivated News 0

News 0 Remember last month when we reported that DICE has killed off the Battlefield 5 South Africa servers (and Middle East ones too)? Well, it seems there’s some good news for those playing the game in South Africa — at least for the time being. Related Reading: There’s a Battlefield 5 Bad Company 2 Easter Egg […]

There’s a Battlefield 5 Bad Company 2 Easter Egg and Here’s How to Do It News 1

News 1 If you’re a long-time reader of MP1st, chances are you already know how fond we are of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. While it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a new entry in the series anytime soon, DICE hasn’t forgotten about that series yet, as there’s Battlefield 5 Bad Company 2 Easter egg present in the […]

DICE Giving Away Battlefield 5 Company Coin Login Rewards, Game Giveaways on Streams News 1

News 1 While there hasn’t been a lot of good Battlefield 5 news the past few days, that should change today. DICE has announced that the studio will be giving away Battlefield 5 Company Coin login rewards for players, as well as giving away the game via streams! This was announced in the This Week in Battlefield […]

Battlefield 5 Ribbons Issue Won’t Be Fixed, Can’t Add More Limited Time Modes Due to Menu Issues Says DICE News 1

News 1 While it’s been a rough week for Battlefield 5 in terms of news given we now know that double XP isn’t possible given it’s a tech issue, it seems another tech problem isn’t getting fixed again, and these are the Battlefield 5 Ribbons issue. For those not familiar with Ribbons, it’s a standard award given […]

DICE Shuts Down Battlefield 5 Middle East & South Africa Servers, Will Now Route to EU News 7

News 7 Following yesterday’s bad news that double XP isn’t possible in Battlefield 5 due to technical reasons, those playing in the Middle East and South Africa are in for another disappointing bit of news. DICE has confirmed today that Battlefield 5 Middle East servers and South Africa servers have been “retired.” This was confirmed by DICE […]

DICE: “Tech Isn’t There” to Support Battlefield 5 Double XP News 8

News 8 Those wondering why DICE hasn’t flipped the switch on some sweet Battlefield 5 double XP goodness now that a lot of people are stuck at home, it seems it’s a tech issue and not just the studio not wanting to do it. This was revealed by DICE Community Manager Jeff Braddock over on the Battlefield […]

Battlefield 5 April Update Rolled Into May Patch News 1

News 1 Following DICE’s announcement that game updates for Battlefield 5 will see “short delays” due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the studio has today announced that the Battlefield 5 April update has been pushed back, and will instead be part of the May update. This was announced today by DICE, where they they also mentioned that the […]

Free Battlefield 5 Emblems Being Given Away by DICE News 1

News 1 Just yesterday, DICE gave away digital copies of Battlefield 5 over on Twitter. Well, the giveaways aren’t stopping there it seems, as the studio is now giving away free Battlefield 5 emblems! Check out how to redeem and the codes needed below via DICE. Redeem your Product Code in the Origin clientFor PC Log in […]

DICE Is Giving Away Free Battlefield 5 Codes Right Now News 0

News 0 Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? Well, if you do, and you’re a Battlefield fan, here’s your chance to get the game for free! Currently, DICE is giving away free Battlefield 5 codes for PS4! This giveaway is being done now on Twitter, with winners being at random provided they follow the instructions. If you'd […]

Ex-DICE Dev “Wishes” Battlefield 5 Firestorm Was F2P, Doesn’t See Mod Support Coming Back News 2

News 2 For those unaware, DICE released a battle royale mode for Battlefield 5 last year called “Firestorm.” While the mode is still active, the Battlefield 5 Firestorm mode sadly hasn’t receieved the kind of support the base game has so far. Over on Twitter, a few ex-DICE and ex-Criterion devs (Criterion was part of the studio […]

Best Multiplayer Games to Play While Stuck at Home News 1

News 1 With a lot of the world’s cities going into quarantine/lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, possibly one of the most safest ways to entertain yourselves with friends is by playing multiplayer video games. Having said that, MP1st has rounded up what we consider to be the best multiplayer games to play while you’re on lockdown. […]

Battlefield 5 Weekly Challenges Chapter 6 Week 7 – Hit and Run News 1

News 1 DICE has listed the Battlefield 5 weekly challenges Chapter 6 Week 7 “Hit and Run” refresh! Same as last week, there’s no weapon or item skin reward once again (which is a bummer). Battlefield 5 weekly challenges Chapter 6 Week 7 – Hit and Run: When matchmaking through the nodes, you’ll be joining our RUSH […]

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