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Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Improvements We Want to See ASAP News 0

News 0 Sledgehammer Games said during the beta that each kill in Domination will count as 100 instead of 50. However, here we are and each kill in the mode is just 50! This makes even earning a UAV an unwelcome challenge. Team deathmatch score limit being 75 instead of the promised change to 100 needs fixed […]

Call of Duty: WWII Weekly Reset November 14 – New Weekly Orders Available News 0

News 0 Tuesday is weekly reset time for Call of Duty: WWII, meaning new Weekly Orders await players. These Orders offer big rewards for completion. Here’s what’s required of you, as well as details on the loot awards, for this week.  Pyromaniac Get 75 fire kills.  Reward – Rare Supply Drop Air Support Call in 30 Scorestreaks. Reward […]

Call of Duty: WWII PC Update Now Live, Fixes Hitching Issues, FOV Reset & More News 0

News 0 A new Call of Duty: WWII PC update is now live, bringing the first batch of fixes and improvements to the platform. The multiplayer updates which recently made their way to console versions, have been bundled with PC-specific tweaks.  Here’s the full list of changes: GENERAL UPDATES Fixed an issue where the FOV was being reset to […]

Call of Duty: WWII COD Points Live Date Pushed Back to November 21 News 1

News 1 Originally planned to launch tomorrow, Call of Duty: WWII’s COD Points live date is being pushed to November 21 by Activision. While no reason was given, it’s assumed that this is most likely due to server issues, and other game problems that have yet to be resolved. Those who bought the digital edition of COD: […]

Call of Duty: WWII Continues Dominance in UK Video Game Charts News 0

News 0 In news that should come as a shock to no one, Call of Duty: WWII continues to dominate the sales charts worldwide. In the UK video game charts, this year’s Call of Duty entry maintains its tight grip on the top spot.  Not only that, but COD: WWII posts the best week two sales for […]

Call of Duty: WWII US Matches Hosted on Dedicated Servers on PS4, “Encouraging” Results Says Developer (Update) News 1

News 1 Update: Sledgehammer Games boss Michael Condrey has given an update! Xbox One dedicated servers have also rolled out for US as well. No word yet on worldwide, though. XB1 Dedicated Servers are now live in the US (PS4 also). Team is going to monitor performance and validate fixes before pushing worldwide. — M.Condrey in WWII […]

Call of Duty: WWII – War Mode’s Most Useful Equipment News 0

News 0 This time on Pixel Enemy, I’m sending out a PSA! If you’re playing Call of Duty: WWII‘s War mode, then please, please, please(!) use this equipment! It will help you and your team win more rounds! Click “play” on the video above to give it a watch, and be sure to leave any thoughts of your own in […]

Sledgehammer Games Give an Update on Call of Duty: WWII Issues News 0

News 0 To say that Call of Duty: WWII has had a rocky launch might be an understatement at this point. Players have experienced server downtimes, lost progression,glitched lobby screens and more. While Sledgehammer Games has mentioned that a new patch is supposed to drop today to fix the end of match disconnects (we found an impromptu […]

Call of Duty: WWII Down on PS4, Says Service is Unavailable at This Time News 0

News 0 If you can’t connect to Call of Duty: WWII right now, and you’re on the PlayStation 4, it’s not you, but the game seems to be having connectivity issues as we speak. Checking now, error code #65568 shows up for me and the usual :The Call of Duty: WWII service is unavailable at this time. […]

Call of Duty: WWII End of Round Disconnect Glitch Fix, Patch Incoming Today News 0

News 0 If you’ve been playing Call of Duty: WWII since launch, then you know there’s a few bugs still festering the game. One of these said bugs is being disconnected after every match, which leaves some players in doubt on whether their stats or XP registered (more on that later).Rejoice! There’s an impromptu, unofficial fix that […]

Call of Duty: WWII Glitch Lets You Race Around on Your Backside News 0

News 0 Call of Duty: WWII hasn’t had the most stable of launches. Server issues have plagued the game for over a week now, and players are becoming pretty impatient with the lack of support. Even the new patch did little to reassure the community.  Happily, there’s an upside to WWII‘s lack of polish. Over on Reddit, user faded4898 […]

Call of Duty: WWII Infantry Division Tips and Guide News 0

News 0 Following our Call of Duty: WWII Airborne guide that seems to be well received by our readers (based on data), we now take a look at the Infantry Division, or otherwise known as the Assault Rifle class. In this quick class guide, we talk about general tactics, what guns to use, what Basic Training Perks […]

Call of Duty: WWII Launched With Double XP Active Unintentionally, Triple XP Confirmed News 2

News 2 Just a few hours ago, we reported that Call of Duty: WWII apparently had a triple XP buff active according to Sledgehammer Games. While we couldn’t discern at the time whether Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer Games boss, was joking or not, we know the real deal. It seems Condrey wasn’t joking at all, and what’s more, […]

Report: Call of Duty: WWII Triple XP “Accidentally” Turned on by Sledgehammer Games News 0

News 0 While double XP for Call of Duty: WWII has been on-going since Friday, some might have been wondering whether it’s really turned on since the end-of-game reports do not show a significant increase in XP per match. Well, it seems, we aren’t getting any COD: WWII double XP, but rather, it’s triple XP! Over on […]

Call of Duty: WWII Dedicated Servers Currently Offline, P2P Connection Implemented for Now (Update #2) News 4

News 4 Update #2 (11/11/2017): Sledgehammer Games has tweeted that the game will be on P2P connections for the weekend since more testing is being done. STATUS UPDATE: We’re continuing dedicated server tests through the weekend, and will remain on P2P while we test. We want to get everyone back on dedicated servers as soon as we […]

Report: Call of Duty: WWII Orders and Contracts Bug Fix Found News 0

News 0 While Sledgehammer Games just rolled out a patch for Call of Duty: WWII earlier today, it didn’t fix everything wrong with the game. One of the nagging issues players are still dealing with are the bugs when it comes to the Orders and Contracts. Multiple gamers on the Call of Duty: WWII subreddit and on […]

Call of Duty: WWII vs. Destiny 2 – Headquarters vs. The Farm/Tower News 0

News 0 This time on Pixel Enemy, it’s a showdown of the social spaces, as Call of Duty: WWII‘s Headquarters goes up against Destiny 2‘s Farm and Tower. Click “play” on the video above to give it a watch, and be sure to leave any thoughts of your own in the comments below. This is Mack, for Pixel […]

Activision “Aware” of Call of Duty: WWII Matchmaking Issues Post-Patch News 0

News 0 If you downloaded and applied the Call of Duty: WWII title update that came out a few hours ago, then you might have noticed that it your wait time in finding games got a bit longer than usual, and in some cases, not being able to find games at all. Well, there’s good news and […]

Call of Duty: WW2 Update 1.05 Deployed, Full Patch Notes Reveal Weapon Nerfs (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: Additional patch notes for Nazi Zombies have been released. Post has been updated to include these changes.  Original Story: As promised by Sledgehammer Games, a new Call of Duty: WWII title update has made its way out! Clocking in at 1.36GB on the PlayStation 4, it only says “bug fixes” in the update history […]

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