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PUBG Update #7 for March Is Here, Full Patch Notes Listed News 0

News 0 PUBG Corporation has rolled out PUBG update #7 or otherwise known as the March update, and it’s (understandably) full of optimizations, bug fixes and more. According to the studio, this PUBG update brings “various optimizations” to both the server and client, and they have mitigated lag and stutter instances and frame drops. Check out the […]

PUBG Xbox Update #10 Is Out, Here’s the Patch Notes News 0

News 0 Post sponsored by PlayerAuctions Developer PUBG Corporation has rolled out a new server-side hotfix that should be implemented by the time you read this. This PUBG Xbox update is #10, and it includes a host of fixes that was introduced by latest patch. Check out the PUBG Xbox update #10 patch notes below, and yes, […]

New PUBG Update Rolled Back Due to “Compatibility Issues” News 0

News 0 A new PUBG update has been rolled out for PC players to download. The latest patch rolls back the latest changes, as many users were experiencing crashing and saw error messages popping up. While it’s nice to have new PUBG anti-cheat systems in place, it’s not great when the game won’t work for innocent players. The official PUBG Help Twitter account […]

PUBG Xbox Roadmap Details Further Optimizations, New Content and More News 1

News 1 The PUBG Xbox roadmap for spring 2018 has finally been revealed, and it includes the PUBG Xbox Miramar release date (hurray!). During spring, Bluehole will be focusing on “delivering the best PUBG console experience possible.” Players can expect “meaningful improvements to optimizations, new content additions, compelling reasons to play, and refinements to the overall console experience.” The full PUBG Xbox roadmap can be […]

PUBG March Update: Emote System, Friends List and More Now Live on Test Server News 0

News 0 It hasn’t taken long for some of the changes detailed in the PUBG Roadmap 2018 to make their way into the game’s Test Server, with the PUBG PC 1.0 Update 7 now available for players to try. The PUBG March update implements the new PUBG Emotes System, Friends List, and more. Those with the PUBG Test Server installed will be able to give the […]

PUBG Roadmap 2018 Details New Smaller Map, Emotes & More News 0

News 0 The eponymous hero of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has finally shared details on the PUBG Roadmap 2018, which includes an upcoming smaller map, emote system, and more. For 2018, the developers are planning to release “major content” every two months, the first of which is coming this month. These major content drops will “bring changes to specific systems and/or introduce new […]

PUBG Xbox Update 9 Is Now Live, Here’s What It Does News 0

News 0 The PUBG Xbox Update 9 is finally live, bringing player-requested fixes, continued optimization and stability improvements, and more, to the game. Here’s the full list of PUBG Xbox Update 9 patch notes: PUBG Xbox Update 9: Gameplay Introduced multiple pre-match starting locations in order to optimize both server and game client performance Weapons are removed from the starting island […]

PUBG Xbox One Update #9 Now in Testing Phase News 0

News 0 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Xbox One players have something to look forward to real soon as the PUBG Xbox One update #9 is now formally being tested! This was announced over on Reddit (via WCCFTech) by Xbox Executive Producer Nico Bihary where he gave a quick status update. Patch 8: quick status update from PUBGXboxOne Hey folks, Just […]

PUBG Xbox Update 9 Will Be Deployed in “Next Couple of Weeks” News 0

News 0 You only have to look at the PUBG Xbox One subreddit to see how disappointed players are at the lack of an update. It’s been a long while since the console version of the game received any support. Thankfully, PUBG Lead Community Manager “poopieQueen” has provided new info on the whereabouts of PUBG Xbox Update 9. The good news is that […]

PUBG New Crates: Militia and Fever Crates Now Available News 0

News 0 PUBG new crates are now available to open on the game’s Test Server. These are the Militia and Fever crates, which boast new cosmetic items for players to earn. On February 22 (tomorrow), both crates will be made available on live servers. You can watch Mack from Pixel Enemy open some Fever and Militia crates in […]

PUBG PC Update 6 Patch Notes Detailed, Ping-Based Matchmaking Is Coming Soon News 0

News 0 A new PUBG update is available to download and install on PC. It applies to the Test Server, bringing gameplay optimizations and bug fixes for players to trial. In addition to the PUBG PC Update 6 patch notes, the developer has detailed changes coming to the game’s matchmaking system. PUBG will begin to use ping-based matchmaking, to help “improve the overall […]

PUBG vs Fortnite? NFL Star JJ Watt Provokes Battle Royale War News 0

News 0 While both games do the whole battle royale thing pretty differently — PUBG is more hardcore and realistic, while Fortnite is cartoony and has building mechanics — both titles are insanely popular, and have built large communities of dedicated fans. And so it’s easy to see why arguments would break out over which game is better, even among grown […]

PUBG Sales Now at Over 30 Million Units, But Player Numbers Continue to Drop News 0

News 0 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has reached yet another new sales milestone as the game has now sold over 30 million copies to date! However, not everything is going well with the hit battle royale game. For the second straight time, the PUBG concurrent player numbers have once again dipped. According to Steam Charts, the game has […]

PUBG Roadmap for Early 2018 to Be Shared “Soon” News 0

News 0 PUBG roadmap 2018 info is almost upon us. You a fan of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)? If so, you might have noticed that the game has suddenly stopped rolling out updates ever since it hit 1.0, aside from the anti-cheat fix it rolled out last week. Well, things are about to change soon according to Community […]

New AMD Driver Boosts PUBG and Fortnite FPS Performance News 0

News 0 A new AMD driver is now available for AMD graphics card owners to download and install. It aims to improve performance for Fortnite, PUBG, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Here are the specifics, provided by AMD: Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.2.2 Highlights Support For Kingdom Come: Deliverance™ Up to 3% faster performance using Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.2.2 on […]

This PUBG Artwork Looks a Little Too Similar to Destiny 2’s News 0

News 0 It’s no secret that PUBG has become incredibly successful. It dominated on PC, then Xbox One, and now a Chinese version of the game has launched, looking to keep that success rolling. What’s curious, is that this Chinese version is using artwork that looks super similar to that of Destiny 2. Take a look at the artwork below, […]

PUBG Grenade Guide: The Underhand Throw & Cooking Grenades News 0

News 0 PUBG grenades are an incredibly useful tool for taking out enemies behind cover or inside buildings. They’re also fantastic for applying pressure on a camping enemy, forcing them to move. When you know how to use them, grenades are always worth picking up. Unfortunately, PUBG grenades can be a little tricky to use, as there are multiple functions […]

PUBG Mobile APK Is Now Available in China, Videos Showcase Gameplay News 0

News 0 PUBG mobile is now finally out in China! While those of us situated outside of the country can’t play the game ourselves, we can at least enjoy some gameplay clips and extended footage. Here’s a collection of PUBG mobile gameplay from those who downloaded the PUBG mobile APK: スマホ版PUBGこんな感じですよ 基本的に荒野行動よりかは敵が硬いです、それと操作が少し難しい代わりに多彩な動きが可能です 例:ジャンプ中回転しながらのkill 攻撃を受けながらのkill — 井森くん ! (@imori_2525) February 9, 2018 […]

PUBG Player Count Dips for First Time Ever News 1

News 1 I find myself regularly visiting the Steam Charts site, to keep an eye just how successful PUBG has become. With the battle royale game becoming a phenomenon unlike anything else we’ve seen in recent years, I’m pretty addicted to watching it blow up. Looking at the average PUBG player count today, however, has resulted in a bit of a […]

PUBG Update #5 PC Rolling Out, Here’s What’s New News 1

News 1 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players, there’s a new game update out now for the PC version’s test servers, and it contains a few fixes that fans have been asking for, and a new anti-cheat measure has been implemented! PUBG update #5 might just be in the testing for now, but it’ll be out today, February 7, at […]

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