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PUBG War Event Mode Is Live, Features Team Deathmatch With Respawns News 0

News 0 The PUBG War event mode is now live for the weekend, letting players experience a traditional team deathmatch game type. There are respawns and everything! Here’s everything you need to know about the PUBG War event mode, as well as a trailer to get you pumped! EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: April 12, 7pm PDT / April 13, 4am CEST / […]

PUBG Savage Map Returns Next Week, More Keys Will Be Available News 0

News 0 The PUBG Savage map is set to make its return to the the PC Closed Experiment Server next week, giving those with access keys a chance to try out the close-quarters 4×4 map. If you haven’t yet managed to get an access key, don’t worry, as PUBG Corp. has confirmed that they’ll be giving out more codes […]

Next PUBG Xbox Update to Include “Crucial Gameplay Optimizations” News 0

News 0 The next PUBG Xbox update will include new vehicles and weapons, in addition to “several crucial gameplay optimizations,” as well as the new Miramar desert map, PUBG Corp. has confirmed. Posting on the game’s official forums, information about the next PUBG Xbox update was shared with the community. PUBG Corp. posted the following details regarding the next PUBG Xbox update: After […]

PUBG Update 10 PC Patch Notes: Blue Zone Tweaks, Miramar Improvements & More News 0

News 0 The PUBG update 10 PC patch notes have been detailed ahead it going live. The latest update focuses on tweaking the blue zone with some big changes, as well as improving the desert Miramap map. See below for the full list of PUBG update 10 PC patch notes. PUBG Update 10 PC Patch Notes: General Gameplay We’ve adjusted safe […]

Report: Dell Spokesperson Encourages PUBG Players to Run “Plugins to Win More at Chicken Dinner” News 0

News 0 Dell has allegedly been promoting cheating in PUBG to help showcase how powerful its new laptops are. The latest range of Dell laptops can apparently run more “PUBG plugins” which allow users to get the leg up on the competition. A PCPowerPlay writer reportedly heard a spokesperson boasting about how amazing the laptops were for running the plugins, […]

PUBG Malware Discovered: Ransomware Forces You to Play PUBG News 0

News 0 A new type PUBG malware has been discovered, which forces players to open up PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and play for an hour. Ransomware is usually used to lock down a user’s files until they pay a certain of money, but this PUBG malware only asks that the game is played. The PUBG malware message reads: Your files is encrypted by PUBG Ransomware! But […]

PUBG Xbox Update 12 Patch Notes Detailed, New Loot Box Added News 0

News 0 The PUBG Xbox Update 12 patch notes have been detailed ahead of it being set live. The patch is set to roll out today, implementing further optimizations to the vehicle system, adding a new loot box and cosmetic items, and more. Here are the PUBG Xbox Update 12 patch notes for you to read ahead of the launch. […]

PUBG Pay to Win Argument Brought Up During Lawsuit News 0

News 0 The people being PUBG are suing other battle royale developers for apparently being “copycats.” In the statement declaring what PUBG is, PUBG Corp. detail clothing and how it can impact gameplay: However, clothing does affect gameplay in terms of camouflage. Clothing can be used to assist the player to blend in with the environment, making the player less visually […]

PUBG Mobile Update 0.4.0 Patch Notes Details Huge Improvements News 0

News 0 The PUBG Mobile Update 0.4.0 patch notes have been revealed ahead of the patch’s release. The 0.4.0 update makes huge changes to the game, ranging from performance improvements and animation tweaks, to new daily challenges and bug fixes. Take a look at the PUBG Mobile Update 0.4.0 patch notes below: PUBG Mobile Update 0.4.0 Patch Notes Performance and screen […]

PUBG Deathmatch Game Mode to Be Brought in as an Event Mode, Available to Everyone Soon News 1

News 1 Just a few days ago, we reported that the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds version of TDM (team deathmatch) called “War” is already live for custom games. Given how only a handful of PUBG players can create custom games (Twitch streamers, YouTubers, dev team members, etc.), some might be wondering when we’ll see the PUBG deatmatch mode be […]

PUBG Xbox Miramar Release Period Revealed, Desert Map Launches Next Month News 0

News 0 The PUBG Xbox Miramar desert map is scheduled to launch next month. The May release date was revealed during PAX East 2018. For those that missed the event stream, the game’s official Twitter account tweeted the news shortly after the live announcement. ICYMI: During our #PAXEast @Xbox Live Session with @deadmau5, @PLAYERUNKNOWN and @majornelson shared that Miramar […]

PUBG Files Lawsuit Against Competition, Wants Copycats Taken Down News 0

News 0 With the battle royale genre exploding into prominence with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), it was only a matter of time until copycats jumped in to take advantage of the game’s popularity, and of course, earn a few bucks too. On the mobile gaming front, NetEase’s Rules of Survival and Knives Out are doing brisk business so […]

New PUBG Tequila Sunrise Event Mode Starts Today, Unique Rules Revealed News 0

News 0 The new PUBG Tequila Sunrise event mode kicks off today, bringing a new limited time challenge for players to experience. Users will be limited to equipping shotguns and melee weapons, meaning close-quarters combat is the only option. See below for the full PUBG Tequila Sunrise event mode details. PUBG Tequila Sunrise Event Mode Details EVENT SCHEDULE STARTS: April 5th, […]

PUBG War Mode Is Deathmatch With Actual Respawns News 0

News 0 Despite no announcement or teasing from the developer, a PUBG War mode is now available to players. This acts as a type of deathmatch game type, with actual respawns. Yes, players who in this PUBG mode will get to live another life! The PUBG War mode is currently only available as a Custom Match, with custom rules being available as well. […]

PUBG Savage Map Update Makes Initial Tweaks, Squads Playlist Now Available News 0

News 0 A PUBG Savage map update has been deployed to the Closed Experimental Server. It tweaks a number of gameplay elements that should make for a better overall experience. Item and weapons now spawn more frequently inside buildings, and the blue zone appears before players parachute. The Squads playlist has also been opened up to players, with Duos […]

PUBG Xbox Update 12 Expected Release Date Revealed, Miramar Testing “Going Well” News 0

News 0 PUBG Xbox Update 12 should be submitted by the end of this week, according to PUBG Corp.’s Nico Bihary, if all goes to plan. This will mean players should be able to access Patch 12 between April 9 to April 12. #PUBG #Xbox Targeting submission of “Patch 12” for the end of this week, with release […]

New Knives Out Map Update Takes the Fight to PUBG Mobile News 0

News 0 A new Knives Out map update is scheduled to hit mobile platforms next month, bringing a new “more complex” environment. The new update will also show a “significant enhancement in graphics,” in addition to evolved character movement. Here’s what players can expect from the new Knives Out map update: Knives Out Update: Mixed Terrains and Enriched Tactics In Battle […]

PUBG Savage Map Available Next Week… but There’s a Catch News 0

News 0 The new PUBG Savage map is set to launch on the PC test servers next week, giving players a new environment to do battle on. The Savage 4×4 map is four times smaller than the existing Erangel and Miramar maps, but still holds the same player count. This should make for a chaotic gameplay experience! Unfortunately, not […]

PUBG Flare Gun Miramar Event Is Now Live for a Limited Time News 0

News 0 The PUBG Flare Gun Miramar event is now live on PC for a limited time. This is the first “Event Mode” for the live servers, and gives players the chance to use the super-powerful flare gun, which drops a huge amount of loot. Here are the full PUBG Flare Gun Miramar event details: PUBG Flare Gun Miramar Event Details […]

30% of All PC Gamers Are Playing Battle Royale Titles, Analyst Concludes News 0

News 0 Unless you’ve been living under a particularly massive rock, you’ll know that the battle royale has pretty much taken over the gaming world. With both Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG giving players the chance to hunt each other down in an intense gameplay experience, there’s not much room left for playing anything else. But just how many people are […]

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